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18-10-2005, 07:45 AM
In 1987 one of the leading surgeons mentioned in another thread performed the open bankart on my left shoulder.At the time I was in Pvt health fund however as it was a pre-existing condition I copped all the bill,Hospital 2 nights($500), Doctor($1000),other surgery staff($200), Ofcourse I was dissappointed in paying but I now had a fixed shoulder after 2 years of dislocating and happy to pay.

In 1990 a mate(not now) dislocated my right shoulder,I've been dislocating it on average 10 times a year since, doing simple things like,reaching for things under the bed,pushing a car off the road,in my sleep,swimming-the list goes on.I have to constantly be aware of the position of my shoulder and cannot play any sort of sport.Due to my employment I haven't been able to have surgery until now.I don't have Pvt health cover now and so I'm going to(and happy to)fork out again for probably key hole surgery(that wasn't an option in 1987).

Can anyone give me idea of what I'm up for surgery wise and also for the initial appointment.Thanks in advance.

18-10-2005, 08:24 AM
There is a good summary at this page:


You won't like how much medical inflation has increased over the past decade when you do the quotes.

If you decided to join private health, you could get covered but it would be a 12 month waiting period.

Also, the cost of an arthroscopic reco would be relatively less than an open reco (if you are paying without insurance) as you would probably get out of hospital quicker.

18-01-2006, 12:50 PM
Further to my original post, had the MRI and Doc said he can repair with arthroscopic proceedures. Great news for me compared to open op downtime in 87.

After reading up on arthroscopic proceedures on the web, most info says you can get out of Hosp on the day. I'm booked in at 0630,My Doc wants me in overnight atleast for 1 night.

Can anyone pass on their experience with the keyhole reco?

Thanks in advance.

07-02-2006, 03:55 PM
I had an arthroscopic recon on Jan 19. The surgery itself was about $3000. I have private health insurance so I'm not sure what the cost of the hospital and anaesthetist (spelling) was.

I was only in hospital for 1 night, but I did have the option to stay for a 2nd if I wanted to (but I think that was only because I was being released to my own care at a hotel before family could come and pick me up - I chose not to stay because I'd already paid for the hotel and the hospital bed was awful uncomfortable).

The recovery period certainly isn't one of the most pleasant experiences of my life, but it has an end. I have 6 weeks in the sling, 6 weeks in basic physio, then the tougher physio starts after that. 6 months and I should be back swimming.

They gave me this awesome "pain pump" thing that dripped local anaesthetic into the surgery site for 48 hours. I dread to think what the pain would have been like without it. (Not sure if they had them in '87 - I was only 12 then :) Since the pump came out Panadeine Forte became my 6 hourly friend.

The initial appointment cost me $190 (i think - it might have been $130). I had a few tests, the same sort of things physios and doctors had done before, but a little more aggressive (pushed the shoulder around a bit harder to see where it hurt). He went through the surgery process, what he expected to find in the, how he would fix it. Answered all my questions. Asked me questions about what I expected from the surgery (to be not broken anymore!).

Good luck

15-02-2006, 12:02 PM

Thanks for your reply,very helpful.Interesting about your comments on the pain after surgery. I remember the pain after my open reco on my left shoulder in 87.....apparently the pain is less with the keyhole reco.

Hope your healing well....I can't wait to have this F$%^&*#shoulder fixed after 15 years.


17-04-2006, 12:28 PM

I had my shoulder reconstruction last thursday. Please excuse the crappy typing - it's one handed thanks to the op.

My costs were as follows-
Surgeon (arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation) $2400
anaesthetist $416
Hospital fees (bed, theatre fees and supplies) $4350

I have private health cover but they deemed the injury to be a pre-existing ailment. Got me mad coz I'm a returned serviceman and I've only been out of the air force for less than a year. They should've and could've helped out more with that one.

An expensive exercise, no doubt.

The pain was almost non-existant, although aches do occur. Weird, because I read so much about the pain factor of shoulder ops. Mine just wasn't painful at all.

Any other questions...email me

23-04-2006, 11:39 AM
Thanks Sqizzstar for your info.

in my PM to you I forgot to ask if the hospital fees($4350) was for 1 or 2 nights? Do you think you could have gone home after the surgery, ie, day visit only?



23-04-2006, 01:57 PM

Those fees were for an overnight, but don't forget that included the theatre fee, surgical supplies and the bed. They said almost certainly there will be a refund because they might not use all they had planned for.

I went home at 9 am the following morning... was walking around and stuff, no pain. The worst part was / is sleeping. It's impossible to find a confortable position. Day surgery is possible I suppose, but I had anti-biotics delivered intravenously for 24 hrs pot op. So I had to remain in-situ.

Hope this helps.


02-06-2006, 01:17 PM
Just got home after arthroscopic SLAP repair.3 anchors with sutures.Sling for 6 weeks then rehab. like other posts have said, the pain is almost a non-event. Had 1 night in hosp,costs hosp$4000,surgon$3400. Will get a small refund as hosp costs were for 2 nights. For those considering this procedure I recomend the General Anaesthetic with an interscalene block. Overall compared to my open reco in 1987 this is a walk in the park. Ahhhhhhhhhh modern medicine. Thanks to those who passed on there key hole experience before my op. For those who keep having dislocations don't do what i did and carry it for over 15 years-get it done ASAP. Life's to short.