View Full Version : Shoulder injury

12-01-2006, 11:51 AM
I need some quick advice if possible.

On NYE I was mucking about with a mate very late - we charged at each other all in good fun to bump each other on the side. Our shoulders clashed hard together. But I seem to have came out of it worse. He was in a bit of pain for a short while but I still am - 12 days on. When it first happened for a split moment I thought I had broken my arm

After 12 days I still have a general weakness/pain in the shoulder when my arm gets into certain positions and it doesn't seem to like any uplifting motion.

Does anyone have any advice as to what this could be or possible treatment.

I play cricket on Saturdays - thank god I'm not a left arm bowler!


25-01-2006, 07:00 AM
Sounds like either RC tear, or labral tear. Don't waste time with physio, or xrays, try to get MRI. If it is a full thickness tear, see a specialist. People, a wise surgeon once told me..........think of a tendon tear as the sail on a sailboat. If the sail tears a little, and you sail into the wind....what will happen to the sail. Once a tendon has a full thickness tear, it can retract and do more damage. A full tear will never heal correctly if at all.
Hope this helps.