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12-01-2006, 09:08 PM
Big problem , dislocated my shoulder 10 years ago playing league .got put back in hospital about 5 hours later.all signs were well ,in sling for 6 weeks & rehabilatation after that ,went well .Strenth came back.
About 4 weeks ago redislocated but not all the way out and put back in 10 seconds later by myself. got xrays & ultrasound done & showed inferior margin of the glenoid which could reoresent bankart injury and also ultrasound shows swelling of the long head of biceps & bunching as well.
What would the best procedure be & the best doc.

17-08-2007, 02:17 AM
I don't know what the best doc would be, however Surgery is probably your best option if you're planning to be active for the rest of your life. I had a torn labrum that I didn't get surgery on for 9ish months and it was terrible. It kept subluxing(Partially popping in and out) during judo and sometimes during weight lifting. If you're not a very active person and do some physical therapy its more than possible to get your range of motion and strength back enough for a sedentary life. It seems that you're the more active type however, and I recommend surgery. The first month will really suck, and the physical therapy will be painful. I'm now 7weeks out from my surgery and the recovery is happening slowly but surely. Take the time to educate yourself about your body, your sport, anything. Just keep your spirits up and try to remember that(assuming you get the surgery) that all the pain and inability to use your shoulder is only temporary. It will get better.

17-08-2007, 08:03 PM
when someone dislocates its shoulder there are 3 possibilities:
1) damage the ligaments (labrum etc)
2) damage RC tendons
3) both

in your case it seems to be the first one because after your first dislocation you gained muscle strength back.
However, the ligaments don't heal so easy if at all and this is the reason of the second dislocation.
The only way to fix that problem is to get an operation where the doctor will tighten your ligaments and make your shoulder more stable.

18-08-2007, 10:10 AM

I have had successful surgery for shoulder instability a couple of months ago.

It very much depends on your own situation, but you may be able to rehabilitate your shoulder again without having to undergo surgery. Make sure you go to a physio that specialises in shoulders. I would avoid surgery if you can. Unfortunately in my situation I didn't have a choice.

In Melbourne some of the best shoulder surgeons are Greg Hoy, John Salmon and Simon Bell. I saw Greg Hoy and did a fantastic job. He's very down to earth and very conservative too, which is really important. It is so important that you go to someone that specialises in shoulders. I can't stress that enough.

As a first step I would seek out the opinion of a good sports physician. They would then be able to refer you onto a good shoulder surgeon.

Good luck !!:)