View Full Version : Shoulder Injusry not sure what??

15-02-2006, 11:18 PM
Hey everyone.

A couple of months ago i had a day where i injured my left shoulder and partially my right. I was at a christmas party that had bouncy boxing, the inflatable ring with the gloves that weight about 10kg each! It might have been me swinging them violently with a little alcohol in me that caused the damage, or the esky i almost dropped that night, or the gym training that morning. Basically i noticed a slight pain that night, and then the next morning i woke up in agony. I couldn't move my shoulder for about 3 days. It got better after that slowly, as i took 6 weeks off any physical training.
I went down to perth to see a medical guy and he spent an hour diagnosing and treating my shoulder. He said it was a mall tear in the delt. What my left shoulder does is it cracks now. If i do a backwards cricket ball motion with my arm or just swing it around it cracks a couple of times, and sometimes this crack gives me slight relief. When i try to cross my left arm over my right shoulder there is alot of pain, sorta deep in the back of my shoulder joint and it sometimes travels down deep under my bicep. I can move it around everywhere else no problem. I get only mild pains at the gym, and i can only lift small amounts doing bench press as my left shoulder muscles fail before my pectorial/tricep does. If it helps to know, i have underdeveloped rear delt muscles that im working on developing, as im a regular gym user.

Any advice would help alot. I live in the pilbara, and don't have much access to good medical ppl's.

09-03-2006, 06:08 PM
wow wat an active forum this is, excellent