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16-02-2006, 03:39 PM
I recently injured both shoulders from weight training. The first shoulder pain started 6 weeks before the 2nd. After several visits to the physio there has been no change or sign of improvement on either side. The pain is bad under load and in certain arm positions. The physio advised to do only light bench and no overhead movement, but to continue on with other lifts that do not cause pain e.g dead lifts and squats. Would it be better to just rest and have no training for a few weeks rather than risk more injury by training? The pain causes significant power loss to any chest and shoulder exercise, stemming deep inside the joint.
Has anyone experienced a similar injury from weight training, if so what was the result/diagnosis? I am booked in to see the GP next week to arrange possible scans/injections.

17-02-2006, 05:36 PM

I have a similar problem. Does your shoulder also fail under load, such as when doing flat bench and stuff, your shoulder fails before your pecs do??As in you could handle more weight if only your shoulder didn't fatigue or just refuse to lift more?

Also do you feel a deep pain in your shoulder joint when you cross your arm over your opposite shoulder?

Good luck with replies, i don't have one yet either, lol.

Happy lifting mate.

19-02-2006, 12:10 PM
Hey xisdence,

It sounds like you have a very similar, if not identical should problem to mine. Flat bench is where it suffers the most. The chest can handle the weight but the shoulders cant. Usually without the shoulder problem my max bench would be 110kg over 6 reps. With the shoulder pain i struggle to get out 4-6 reps @100. The chest doesn?t fatigue and isn?t getting worked out as hard as a result. The pain is also acute when reaching over to the opposite shoulder. Been to two different phyiso's who have treated both shoulders and given different suggestions for recovery. They also gave different diagnosis. One said it was a tendon injury and the other an AC ligament. Im going to lay off the bench for 2 weeks and see how it goes. Shoulder work outs are also out of the question. I?m arranging for some scans and to see a sports physio next week.
Ill post on any progress.

21-02-2006, 11:38 AM

Does your shoulder crunch and crack when you rotate it in windmill like motions as well?

Do any other exersizes bother you when weight training. I get pains when doing behind the neck shoulder press. If you can mate, keep me updated as to your diagnosis, lol mine was diagnosed as a small delt tear.


Hope it turns out well, cheers.

11-05-2006, 02:27 PM
hello my name is steven im 17 years old. i have messed up both shoulders from weight lifting about a year ago and had surgery on both. before both shoulders felt as if all muscles were dying. they would crack, pop, and were in pain while lifting light weight objects. no that i have had surgery i do not feel any improvement. my right shoulder hurts like hell still and feels as if the back muscles dont work. for example when i do a sideraise my shoulder does not engage in any action. my arm feels as it is doing all the work to raise the dumbell. i have had surgery on my right one about 9 months now and completed months of physical therapy with no improvement. if anyone with similar problems or solutions please contact me at s.pajuelo@gmail.com