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09-06-2006, 10:47 AM
Hi everyone.

Thanks for setting up this forum. It is so useful to read everyones contributions.

I injured my right ankle playing badminton. I was able to walk right after the injury. I iced it after an hour or so. It swelled up overnight and the swelling would get worse towards the end of the day. The swelling did decrease over a period of 9 days but it was still there and still significant. I have to say that I was not disciplined about Ice, Compression, Elevation during the first 9 days.

I was able to walk albeit with some pain right from the first day but it was not unbearable. I could bear weight on the injured ankle. The swelling suddenly reduced from day 9 to day 12 and I was much better in terms of range of motion , walking gait etc. This was after I started taking 2 instead of 1 800 mg iupofen a day and since i was able to rest my leg (it was Memorial day weekend).

The regular ankle X-rays (no talar tilt or anterior draw during X-rays) did not show any fractures.

The doctor had asked me to do an MRI when my swelling hadnt reduced after a week. The MRI was sent to a podiatrist who diagnosed (based on MRI) that i have completely torn my AFTL and CFL and THAT SURGERY WOULD BE REQUIRED. I was shocked. I was actually happy with my progress. I becam conservative in how much I was using my foot even fr regular activities. When I visited the podiatrist today, he did the anterior draw test and the talar tilt testand asked my symptoms. I told him that my symptoms were nowhere near that of grade 3 sprain (complete tear). I was able to walk, bear weight, stan on my toes (of course very guardedly).

He told me that he had concluded it was a complete tear of AFTL andCFL based on the sinovial fluid he saw in the MRI. He said that the amount of sinovial fluid sorresponded to that of a complete tear. But he said one cannot see an actual tear on an MRI. He agreed with me that my symptoms were not that of Grade 3 sprain. So he has asked me to start physical therapy and see him in a month.

My question is...
a) Is it possible that the synovial fluid can be there even with a grad 2 sprain...primarily because I was undisciplined on Ice,compression, elevation
b) If it actually is a grade 3 spain, will my condition get worse if I dont do anything righ now (I mean surgery).
c) What other tests, X-rays, MRI after injecting radioopaque fluid, Tenograms, etc can be done to confirm if there is an actual tear before going for surgery.

I would really appreciate your advice.

Thank you in advance.


10-06-2006, 05:12 AM
sorry, i sprained my ankle some days ago. i can't walk and move the ankle and it is swollen. are symptoms of a complete tear with surgery? tomorrow i have x ray but it shows only bones yes?