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27-12-2006, 05:15 PM
Hi everyone,

I would first like to say that this site is very resourceful, even though I live in Canada. :P I'm hoping that I can get some feedback or opinions from some of you. :)

About 6 years ago, I had fallen on my AC joint. A friend had tackled me and jumped on me, forcing me to the ground shoulder first. He, alone at the time, weighed over 200 pounds. When I landed, I heard a pop and a crunching sound. Suddenly I was immobilized, and excruciating pain filled my body. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, only to have someone poke and jab at my shoulder for X-rays. Later I was notified that I had torn my AC joint. I wasn't told how severe the injury was though.

Over the years, I have managed to tolerate the random sudden pains. As of lately though is when I've hit my peak of tolerance. After having a baby 3 years ago, and constantly challenging myself to lifting and repetitive motions (at work as well), I have finally reached that stage of intolerable pain.

What frustrates me now, are the consequences of having such an injury and not really having the knowledge of its severity. I have gone to doctors, and their response to my pain is "You have bad posture! Go to a Chiropractor..."

The pains I endure daily are:
- Constant burning of my shoulder blade muscles.
- All my bones from mid spine up through my shoulder blades and neck, ALWAYS grind, pop, which makes my body jerk around with even the slightest movement. Its gotten to the point of when I lay on my side and take in a deep breath, my spine cracks. You can actually hear my shoulder blades cracking when i move them...
- I get this, I like to call, "Itchy bone" feeling.
- Walking no longer is something I like to look forward to, lately. My shoulder blades burn so much more when I walk. (My car broke so I've been busing it) Its become more of a chore to walk over the last 4 weeks. I wear a light (no more than 7 lbs) shoulder bag across the OTHER shoulder, and its hell to move while any pressure is applied to my shoulders.
- My collarbone on my left side is raised by a little over an inch, and it looks quite disgusting. But wiggling it and pressing down on it, helps ease some of the pains I get. (The thing is, its not really my left side, where the injury actually is, that is causing all this pain. It is the opposite shoulder that is taking all the beatings.)
- The area that hurts the most, over the last few days, is right between both shoulder blades along my spine. You cannot even apply the slightest pressure with a finger without me pulling away with tears in my eyes.

Ways I've gone about trying to help the pain are icing both shoulders, using heat pads, massaging, some acupuncture, many anti-inflammatory medication later, I even had to go to the extend of taking Tramacet. Nothing is working. I've rearranged my bed many times, attempted to sleep on the floor and any soft cushion-like surfaces. Rub A535 did not work in the least, nor did many other non-medical procedures. Resting and not moving my arms, hurts even more.

Yet I'm still told it is a posture problem. I sit perfectly fine at work, i bend with my knees when lifting, and my stapler, the most frequently used tool at work, is close and I don’t reach far for it.

I've read other people stories and many articles on AC joint tears, and have come to the conclusion that I have a Grade 3 injury, or even higher. Some doctors couldn’t even state the severity but yet refused more X-rays, years down the line.

NOW, finally, my question is, would it be wise to request corrective surgery? or should I attempt going to a chiropractor again? My pockets and bank accounts aren't filled with money, so I would like to find the most cost efficient method of trying to fix this problem I neglected for so many years.

My main concern is my bones. I want to make sure they are ok. I grind them alot, unintentionally, and I just don’t know how to fix this or go about it.

Any input would be awesome. And I'm sorry for the long ramble.

Much thanks in advance,

-Mel (Feel free to email me - mel_132@hotmail.com)