View Full Version : Anyone with an Anterior tear?

18-04-2007, 03:40 PM
Hey guys, let me just give a quick history of myself in case other people have had a similiar injury. I'm 28, not really sure how I got this, probably from the gym or hockey but I guess over the years it just took it's toll. I had a MRI done 16 months ago, this was the diagnostic. Anterior labrum tear, with an intact scapular periosteum compatible with an ALPSA lesion. Also some hyaline undercutting within the posterior hyaline cartilage, and a tiny posterior labral tear.

Well, in short, I have discomfort in the back and front of the shoulder, not enough where I can't play sports. And my left trap always feels pulled, like basically the bottom left of my neck. But enough where I feel it, and I wanted to try going back to the gym now and I usually feel it. I mean, I can swing a bat and I still play hockey but if I were to throw a ball I couldn't probably do it because of the quick motion. I can't really interpret the MRI since I am not a doctor, I did do PT for 12 months, little to no results. These tears do not heal by themselves even for minor ones that I have. Went to about 6 orthopedic surgeons. All public declined surgery, a private one said I had a 65% probability of success from the surgery. Not a great number, by any means, considering the length of rehab. So, my options are to live the rest of my life with a pain in my upper neck, and a small pain in the front/back of my shoulder, and hope that eventually they come out with a new advanced surgery that can help me. Or I can do it now and have a high chance of nothing positive happening. The doctor even said, if I had a big tear, the chance of being 100% is much greater than for what I did. I just don't want to be 45 and have made the wrong decision, yet I don't want things to be worse either. Am I naive to think there might be some sort of miracle breathrough in technology for these surgeries in the next 5 years? Anyone with any similiar injury as me care to shed some advice? At this point, I think stem cells might be the only thing in the future that could cure my injury, even if it's 50k, I would do it, I just want to live without this minor pain.

18-04-2007, 06:29 PM
I also have pain in my neck from my injury. Mainly around first and second rib. My shoulder doc has asked my physio to do some manipulative work on this area to try to loosen it up because with certain movements my shoulder pinces. It has also been suggested that I go and see a osteo too. So it might be worthwhile going to check it out. I'm happy to pass on the details of the sports doc I went too if you like. Where abouts are you based? I'll send you a PM with the details.

19-04-2007, 01:47 AM
I'm actually in Montreal, probably no where near you. I know the pain in my trap is caused because of the minor instability and tear in my shoulder. I know stories of people who had the same pain relieved after surgery, except that route is too risky for me now given the fact I have from what I understand of the MRI 2 minor tears.

On another note, is anyone aware of any new progress being made in surgeries for the shoulder? Stem cell, or anything else? When I asked the surgeon 6 months ago, he said it's pretty much been the same technique for the past 8 years and he wasn't aware of anything new being worked on.

19-04-2007, 09:06 AM
You're quite right I'm in fact on the other side of the world. It's interesting to hear that you know of people who have had the pain relieved after surgery but I agree it does sound rather risky. Shoulder surgery or even an arthroscopy is really a last resort.

I'm not sure if there any new progress made in surgeries for the shoulder. You could try doing a search in some journals like arthroscopy. They had a volume which was dedicated to shoulder injuries. I guess that is a start.