View Full Version : Broken Clavical QUESTION?????

24-04-2007, 10:21 AM
I had a Motorcycle accident last May had surgery (Grade VI) the surgeon put a metal bracket and pulled the clavical back in possition after 3 months it came loose and poped up again. I had to have surgery again in December this time he took a Hamstring from my Quad (back of my leg) and attached it to my shoulder its been 4 months and the clavicle moved up about 3cm .

The question is does anyone know how long it takes to completely heal so i dont have to worry about the bone poping up again and does anyone know after they took the hamstring my lower leg is numb above my ankle will that feeling come back???

24-04-2007, 04:30 PM
Holy sh#t dude! Your starting to frighten me!!! I broke mine (motorbike accident) about 6 weeks ago, and even though it's quite displaced, I have been told not to have surgery.
It seems to be holding up, but does have a noticeble bump where the broken end still sticks out. (Oh no, I'm the Elephant man!!!!)
The only surgery I wanted to get was to have it pinned in the right position till the bones set (about 3-4weeks) then have the pin removed. Do you think they do this over here in Aus? I'd like to know. So far I've found nothing like it. (correct me if I'm wrong or prove it.)
Seems to me to be less invasive than plates and screw although I here it's not as strong, but who cares. After a month, it's not like you're going to attempt to lift the worlds heaviest weight. No! Your still going to treat it as if it's broken, monitoring it's progress and at the same time, having one sweet normal set bone!!
But, I sure hope it heals up soon cause it's driving crazy that I can't do any of the activities I used too. The other thing that worries me is that I'm not sure if I'll get full movement in the shoulder again. The shoulder side of the bone has twisted inwards onto underlyng muscle. This will sh#t me further if it cause a problem and the worst thing is, I haven't been given a straight answer. Not from my Dr. or even the friggin special-list. Sooooo frustrating!!!!! It's like waiting to die or something.
Yours sounds pretty damn serious though if they had to chop up your hammy!!!
I'd say the dr who did it would have damaged abit of the nerves in your leg, but be assured, in time (they always say this) the nerves will connect back up and you'll start to get some feeling back. Usually within a year or two. Hope you're a patient person.
I'm not sure if you've done a search on google, but there are tones of stories about people who haven't had a good union of bone and sometimes need a plate, screws and bone graft to help join the two broken ends together. But, you already know about this.
4 months sounds abit long to not show any stability or fixture of the bones. I'd definately keep on top of this and have it checked out! Regurlaty if possible, and find a good special-list to look after you!

24-04-2007, 05:13 PM
its sounds like you have an ac separation and not a broken clavicle as mentioned in the heading.

The ac separation seems to be the most hotly discussed topic on this forum. I will try to compile a list of athletes who have this injury as well as some photos becaause I think it will help us feel better about ourselves.

For the meantime, I would suggest to you to be patient as the acromiom takes a really long time to heal. allow at least 4 months for the feeling of improvement.

my bone is displaced about 1.2 cms and i feel that is alot already. mine is noticeable even with a jumper. so 3 cms i cant imagine.

also one of the things i have noticed is the feeling of itchiness. this means that its healing. so if u feel itchinness on your acromiom, you should be happy about it.

good luck with that injury. its a bugger. i know!!!

26-04-2007, 11:53 AM
look on the web at the Weaver-Dunn procedure that is something I think your talking about needing.

Did you have surgery?
How did you damage it?
And has it gotten worse (bump)

26-04-2007, 04:58 PM
no i didnt have surgery. apparently it didnt look bad enough for surgery. this came from a top sports physician and a shoulder physio attached to a different sports physician office.

i damaged it from wrestling with someone falling on top of me.

the bump has not gotten worse, it has actually improved since ive been biulding muscle around it.