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26-05-2007, 08:23 AM
ok so i have a surgery scheduled for may 29th

Heres the deal,
I originally tore my labrum and required this surgery a few months ago. My range of motion was horrible and it hurt whenver i lifted my arm above my head. It has been a few months since i have seen the specialist, and i find that my range of motion has returned and where there was pain there is no more pain. I only find myself feeling pain when i do certain quick movements. My shoulder is definately in a different position than my right shoulder (possible due to the labrum tear).
Im just kind of freaking out right now if i could go through with the surgery or not.
Any feedback will be helpful
thank you

26-05-2007, 08:35 AM
Oh yeah i forgot to say that the labrum tear is at the rear part of the labrum

Bridie Cushion
30-05-2007, 11:27 PM
Read it too late
You had the op yesterday. How was it?
I had the op 5 weeks ago and feel I was misled about how quickly I would recover
The consultant said at the initial visit that I would be playing badminton 2 weeks later but the operating surgeon said I couldn't even drive for 6 weeks [Needless to say I have disobeyed!]
I ws able to play OK before but had some limited movement, eg unable to reach behind to do up bra and a bit of pain that seemed to be improving. Went ahead with op and got physio now but seems to be going slowly
They shaved the bone and cleared out debris but didn't repair the suprasinatus ligament and I wonder if it is that giving me the pain...feels as tho' I have been thumped on the arm!
Can reach above head, etc ok
Physio says I am ding very well and that others are in terrible pain
I chucked the pain killers [co codamaol] as made me ill
Not good at doing exercises as they hurt but manage at least once a day

31-05-2007, 09:36 AM
Hi there,

Hope that surgery went well. I'd be interested to see how you travel in the next couple of weeks. i have a suspected SLAP tear and am awaiting to see a sports physician and ortho to discuss options. for me I would prefer to opt with non surgical interventions for as long as possible. I'd also be interested to hear if your original Range of motion returns prior to the injury. I don't have severe pain in my shoulder which is why I don't think that it requires surgery but more of a dull ache.

Bridie, if your pain killers are making you ill, maybe try to just keep up with the panadol or panadiene to control the pain. They are usually very soft on the stomach so shouldn't make you too ill.