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24-01-2005, 01:32 PM
Can anyone help me,i compete in kickboxing but i am about to cancel my next fight due to fear of it wanting to come out again ,seems to be when i use my right hook punch.It makes many things difficult and at night i roll over and aggrivate it.
i want to see a shoulder specialist but i have read so many stories about being misdiagnosed,i still want to compete if possible.
can you give me some guidence,i would prefer the best shoulder specialist i can get...thankyou (sean) :)

24-01-2005, 05:02 PM
If you're in Sydney:

Mainly or exclusively see shoulders:


Des Bokor + David Duckworth, 116 Macquarie St Parramatta, 98938788
David Sonnabend, 6 McIntosh St Chatswood, 94195244
Mark Perko + Greg Burrow, 286 Pacific Hwy Crows Nest, 94375999
Danny Biggs, 111 Anzac Pde Kensington, 96635999
George Murrell, St George Private Hospital, 95537700
Stephen Quain, St. Vincent?s Clinic, 83826916
Jerome Goldberg, 160 Belmore Rd Randwick, 93995333

26-01-2005, 11:08 PM
thankyou for the reply ,i am in melbourne..

27-01-2005, 09:06 AM
If the shoulder keeps popping out, you might need a reconstruction to get back to full competition in a sport like kickboxing. Unfortunately this is expensive and will take a 6 months recovery. Good shoulder surgeons in Melbourne include Greg Hoy, Simon Bell, Rod Dalziel and John Salmon. I think their addresses and phone numbers are posted in another Forum thread. If you want to try a specialist shoulder physio, go for Lyn Watson or Ian Macindoe. A sports physician (non-surgeon) who specialises in shoulders in Melbourne is Jane Fitzpatrick. Good luck.