View Full Version : Hip surgery won't hamper Kreuzer

21-09-2008, 03:58 PM
This is a major development, ie choosing to send a player for surgery before any real symptoms arise>

CARLTON expects Matthew Kreuzer to be back in full training by the start of the club's pre-season after sending the young ruckman for "preventative" hip surgery.

The Blues' football manager, Steven Icke, told The Sunday Age that rather than wait for Kreuzer's hip condition to cause any permanent damage, the club's medical staff had decided to act before any symptoms presented.

Before Kreuzer was drafted, it was discovered he had a condition called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) , which meant there was a bony bump growing on his hip joint.

The bump could have sat there for years and done nothing, but had it begun to grind into Kreuzer's hip cartilage, it would have caused permanent arthritis and potentially cut a few years from his career. It is considered by some experts to be a leading cause of osteitis pubis.

Icke said Kreuzer, who had the routine arthroscopy at the end of his excellent debut season, would not miss any of the pre-season and would no longer have to worry about the hip troubling him.

"It's a precautionary thing we've done with him, rather than him showing any symptoms," said Icke. "The view was that rather than have it become a significant thing down the track, we could make an important decision now in terms of his longevity.

"You never want to engage in surgical procedures unless there's some sort of necessary reason to do so, and symptomatically he wasn't suffering a great deal of pain from it, but the medical view was that it could become a problem down the track, so why wait until that happens, why not fix it now?

"It was done for preventative reasons and he'll be ready to go for pre-season. The recovery time isn't too bad, so he'll be right to go and on track when we come back."

The Blues will resume training on October 28.