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Andrew Hunt
05-05-2005, 12:26 PM
I need help. About 4 years ago I started having trouple with my left shoulder. I was playing a lot of golf and swimming. I was diagnosed with
bursitis of the shoulder and the specialist said a few sessions at the physio will solve the problem.
4 years later and my left shoulder is impinging and crackling and I have very limited movement-my right shoulder started with the same symptoms about 1 year ago.
I have been to 3 specialists 2 arthritis specialists 4 physios
and now I am getting treatment from a Physio specialising in upper
back and shoulder problems.
My current physio is saying my problems stem from bad posture,sunken spine and tightness in ther upper back and shoulder blades which is
making my rotator cuffs very painful and weak.
My previous Physio from St Vincents Pain and Arthritic clinic said the problem was all rotator cuff and we spent nearly 1 year on exercises
with no success.

Who do I believe? I have spent alot of time and money yet no one
can diagnose me.

Has someone any advise to give as I don't think I am alone with this

Andrew - Sydney

05-05-2005, 04:49 PM
Sounds like the diagnosis has been roughly made - that is the problem is coming from your rotator cuff tendons. With a history as long as yours, hopefully you have had investigations to confirm the state of your rotator cuff tendons (i.e. MRI scan or ultrasound scan). If physiotherapy hasn't been helpful, there are more advanced treatments for tendon problems. Starting at the top, if you have decent size tear(s) in any of the tendons, perhaps you might need surgery to repair them. If the tendinopathy/tears etc. are more minor, cortisone injections, nitrate patches, aprotinin injections etc. may be helpful.

One extra advantage of any injection is that it can include local anaesthetic, which should temporarily take all of your pain away and prove (to you and the treating doctor) that the pain is coming from the rotator cuff region. If an injection doesn't take the pain away (short term) then the diagnosis may be in question.