View Full Version : pectoralis major rupture

12-02-2004, 09:14 AM
i have substained a pectoralis major rupture and because of my age 45 plus i am not opting for surgery i am looking for training program to help develop the surrounding muscles

12-02-2004, 05:48 PM
This sounds like a pretty sensible option, although age and sporting demands don't always correlate. Surgery is the gold-standard treatment for returning a pectoralis major rupture to full function (especially if the tear is at the tendon-bone junction). Tears of the musculo-tendinous junction are often OK without surgery even in high demand athletes. I presume from your post that you are OK with a loss of strength, but just want to be pain-free. This may also depend on whether you intend to go to the gym in future.

Early after an injury relative rest is the way to go to let the bleeding settle and some scar tissue lay down to repair some of the damage. Gentle range of motion exercises to stop the healing constricting the muscle too much are probably helpful. Late (after 2-3 months) if there is still a lot of pain and restriction of motion then cortisone injections could be used (along with anti-inflammatory tablets) although these are best avoided early.

Hopefully the above is good general advice, but you have a doctor or experienced physiotherapist monitoring your progress and helping you with these decisions.