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07-07-2009, 01:45 PM

Nick Gill (ankle fracture) 5 weeks
Simon Goodwin (knee - MCL) test
Jon Griffin (calf) test
Trent Hentschel (knee) 1 week
Jarrhan Jacky (hamstring) 3 weeks
Tom Lee (knee) available
Brad Moran (knee - PCL) 11 weeks
#James Moss (hip surgery) indefinite
#Chris Schmidt (shoulder reconstruction) season

Weekend Returns: Brent Reilly


Jared Brennan (suspension) 1 week
Jamie Charman (ankle reconstruction) season
Scott Clouston (ankle) 2 weeks
Josh Drummond (calf) test
#Pat Garner (knee - ACL) season
Kieran King (ankle) 2 weeks
Matthew Leuenberger (knee - meniscus) 6 weeks
Bart McCulloch (quad) season
Daniel Rich (shoulder) test
Troy Selwood (shoulder dislocation) 4 weeks

Weekend Returns: Matt Austin


Paul Bower (knee - MCL) 3 weeks
Sam Jacobs (foot stress fracture) 1 week
#Darren Pfeiffer (shoulder) 1 week
Mitch Robinson (VFL suspension) available
Jarrad Waite (knee - ACL) season
Andrew Walker (shoulder surgery) 1 week
Robbie Warnock (foot stress fracture) 2 weeks
Simon Wiggins (hamstring) 2 weeks


#Johnny Bennell (clavicle fracture) 6 weeks
Brent Macaffer (knee) 1 week
John McCarthy (hamstring) test
Anthony Rocca (achilles) 3 weeks
Sean Rusling (hip flexor) 1 week

Notes: Danny Stanley will face the VFL tribunal tonight for charging


#Nathan Bock (unknown) test
#Bryce Carroll (unknown) test
Scott Gumbleton (back) indefinite
David Hille (knee - ACL) season
Jason Laycock (foot) season
#Rhys Magin (shoulder) 1 week
Mark McVeigh (club suspension) available
Angus Monfries (hamstring) 2 weeks
Jay Nash (unknown) test
Michael Still (shin) indefinite
Jobe Watson (ankle) test

Weekend Returns: Kade Klemke


Andrew Browne (personal) indefinite
#Brent Connolly (hip/back) test
Ryan Crowley (foot) season
Roger Hayden (fibula fracture) 3 weeks
Michael Johnson (ankle surgery) 6 weeks
Chris Mayne (hamstring) test
Brock O'Brien (quad) season
Rhys Palmer (knee - ACL) season
Matthew Pavlich (calf) test
#Clancee Pearce (hamstring) test
#Casey Sibosado (groin) test
Dean Solomon (club suspension) available

Weekend Returns: Jay van Berlo


#Tom Allwright (knee - bone bruising) 6 weeks
Mitch W. Brown (fractured tibia) season
#Ranga Ediriwickrama (hamstring) 3 weeks
Matthew Egan (navicular stress fracture) season
Josh Hunt (knee - ACL) season
David Johnson (calf) 2 weeks
Steve Johnson (hip) test
Cameron Ling (knee) test
Darren Milburn (ankle) test
Stephen Motlop (shoulder) 1 week
Brad Ottens (knee - MCL) 3 weeks
Scott Simpson (fractured ankle) 4 weeks
Harry Taylor (concussion) test
David Wojcinski (calf) test


Tim Boyle (knee - ACL) season
Trent Croad (foot fracture/ankle surgery) indefinite
Stuart Dew (quad) test
#Riley Milne (unknown) test
Gary Moss (knee) 4 weeks
#Carl Peterson (hamstring) 1 week
Cyril Rioli (hamstring) available
Mitch Thorp (sesamoid fracture) season
Brendan Whitecross (knee) test
Mark Williams (knee) 7 weeks


Sam Blease (fibula fracture) season
Simon Buckley (groin) 1 week
Colin Garland (navicular stress fracture) indefinite
#Rhys Healey (quad) 2 weeks
#Danny Hughes (unknown) test
Addam Maric (shoulder reconstruction) season
John Meesen (talus stress fracture) season
Tom McNamara (hip) 1 week
#Jake Spencer (ankle) 1 week
James Strauss (shoulder reconstruction) season
Colin Sylvia (suspension) 3 weeks
Austin Wonaeamirri (knee - cartilage) 3 weeks

Notes: Neither Maric or Strauss played at the weekend. To the best of my knowledge, Watts was never ill either it was just a way to omit him without having to admit they'd dropped him

North Melbourne

Matt Campbell (hamstring) available
#Luke Delaney (shoulder) season
Daniel Pratt (suspension) 1 week
Jesse Smith (hamstring/ankle) available
Robbie Tarrant (shoulder reconstruction) season
Ben Warren (fibula fracture) season
Daniel Wells (adductor/shin laceration) 6 weeks
Jack Ziebell (fibula fracture) 5 weeks

Port Adelaide

Travis Boak (knee) 2 weeks
Shaun Burgoyne (knee - bone bruising) indefinite
Troy Chaplin (suspension) 2 weeks
Chad Cornes (knee surgery) test
Hamish Hartlett (hamstring) 3 weeks
Nathan Krakouer (knee) test
#Matt Martin (hamstring) 2 weeks
Daniel Motlop (ankle fracture) 6 weeks
Matt Thomas (knee - PCL) 1 week

Notes: Martin didn't play at the weekend


Nathan Brown (groin) test
Andrew Collins (hip) test
Nathan Foley (calf) 3 weeks
Matthew Richardson (hamstring tendon surgery) indefinite
Troy Simmonds (adductor) 2 weeks

Weekend Returns: David Gourdis

St Kilda

Jarryd Allen (hip surgery) indefinite
Xav Clarke (knee - ACL) season
Leigh Fisher (hamstring) available
Max Hudghton (ankle) 2 weeks
Steven King (suspension) available


Leo Barry (knee) test
Amon Buchanan (finger fracture) test
Daniel Currie (foot stress fracture) 6 weeks
Campbell Heath (knee - ACL) season
Lewis Johnston (foot) 2 weeks
Matthew Laidlaw (ankle) test
Jarrad McVeigh (hamstring) test
Brett Meredith (forearm fracture) season
Henry Playfair (hamstring tendon surgery) indefinite

West Coast

Dean Cox (groin) test
Tim Houlihan (hamstring tightness) test
Adam Hunter (shoulder surgery) 4 weeks
Brett Jones (hamstring) 2 weeks
Jordan Jones (hamstring) 1 week
Daniel Kerr ("general soreness") test
Mark Nicoski (back) test
Will Schofield (back) 2 weeks
Scott Selwood (groin) test
Luke Shuey (fibula fracture) 4 weeks
Brent Staker (finger fracture) 4 weeks
Beau Waters (elbow surgery) season

Notes: Mackenzie was never injured

Western Bulldogs

Ayce Cordy (back) test
Daniel Giansiracusa (knee - cartilage) 5 weeks
Paul O'Shea (glandular fever) 2 weeks
Sam Reid (groin) test
Jordan Roughead (quad) test

Weekend Returns: Jamason Daniels

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