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Injury Lists as at July 26

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  • Injury Lists as at July 26

    Nothing this week out of regular slacker North Melbourne, and Richmond & Sydney because of the bye.


    #Ian Callinan (hamstring) 2 weeks
    Phil Davis (shoulder reconstruction) season
    Richard Douglas (ankle) 2 weeks
    Matthew Jaensch (AC joint) 1 week
    #Sam Martyn (deep vein thrombosis - neck) season
    Shaun McKernan (corked thigh) Onset: Round 17; Return: Round 19
    Jason Porplyzia (shoulder reconstruction) indefinite
    Chris Schmidt (knee surgery) 2 weeks
    Sam Shaw (hamstring) 2 weeks
    Brad Symes (jaw) TBC*

    * = No scan results back yet.


    Claye Beams (navicular stress fracture) season
    Jonathan Brown (facial fractures) season
    Xavier Clarke (foot) 2 weeks
    Josh Green (ankle) 2 weeks
    Ryan Lester (foot - Lisfranc ligament) season
    Daniel Merrett (back stress fracture) indefinite
    Daniel Rich (foot - stress reaction) 2 weeks

    Weekend Returns: Jamie Charman & Josh Drummond


    Paul Bower (calf) test
    Andrew Carrazzo (calf) test
    Andy Collins (shoulder reconstruction) season
    Shaun Hampson (knee - PCL) 1 week
    Michael Jamison (knee - MCL) 3 weeks
    Aaron Joseph (hamstring) 1 week
    Matthew Kreuzer (knee) available
    Andrew McInnes (shoulder surgery) season
    Luke Mitchell (shoulder reconstruction) season
    Jarrad Waite (hip) 1 week
    Simon White (hamstring) test

    Weekend Returns: Jarryd Cachia, Brock McLean, Setanta O'hAilpin, Rhys O'Keeffe & Jordan Russell


    Dayne Beams (metatarsal fracture) available
    Nathan Brown (knee - ACL) season
    #Paul Cribbin (unknown) 1 week
    Chris Dawes (fractured knuckle) 2 weeks
    Brad Dick (knee - ACL) season
    Alan Didak (calf) test
    Ben Johnson (shoulder) test
    Darren Jolly (virus) available
    Heath Shaw (suspension) 6 weeks
    Dale Thomas (corked thigh) test
    Alan Toovey (finger fracture) 3 weeks
    Sharrod Wellingham (groin) test


    Darcy Daniher (groin surgery) indefinite
    Courtenay Dempsey (knee - ACL) season
    Dustin Fletcher (corked calf) Onset: Round 18; Return: Round 19
    Scott Gumbleton (back spasm) Onset: Round 18 training; Return: Round 19

    Michael Hibberd (hamstring) 1 week
    Heath Hocking (foot - stress reaction) 2 weeks
    Cale Hooker (hamstring) 3 weeks
    Sam Lonergan (knee - MCL) season
    Anthony Long (hamstring) indefinite
    Nathan Lovett-Murray (calf) 1 week
    Tayte Pears (fibula fracture) 3 weeks
    Jobe Watson (hamstring) test
    Andrew Welsh (hamstring) 1 week
    Jason Winderlich (knee - ACL) season


    Justin Bollenhagen (knee) 1 week
    Jon Griffin (hip) test
    Roger Hayden (fractured fibula) 6 weeks
    Luke McPharlin (suspension) 1 week
    Viv Michie (navicular stress fracture) season
    Anthony Morabito (knee - ACL) season
    David Mundy (ankle syndesmosis strain) 3 weeks
    #Gavin Roberts (quad) test
    Tim Ruffles (knee - ACL) 1 week
    Aaron Sandilands (toe) 2 weeks
    Michael Walters (knee - PCL) 4 weeks


    Mark Blake (finger tendon rupture) indefinite
    Mitch Brown (shoulder reconstruction) season
    Shannon Byrnes (calf) test
    Steve Johnson (corked thigh) available
    Cameron Ling (rested) available

    Daniel Menzel (back) Onset: Round 16; Return: Round 19
    Brad Ottens (knee) available
    James Podsiadly (head knock) test
    Dawson Simpson (corked thigh) test

    Billy Smedts (hip surgery) season
    Mathew Stokes (head knock) test
    Nathan Vardy (hamstring) test

    Retired: Marcus Drum

    Gold Coast

    Nathan Ablett (groin) 1 week
    #Roland Ah Chee (shoulder) season
    Josh Caddy (foot fracture) 1 week
    Michael Coad (hamstring) season
    Sam Day (knee surgery) season
    Piers Flannagan (hip) season
    Jacob Gillbee (hand fracture) 4 weeks
    Daniel Gorringe (ankle) 6 weeks
    Daniel Harris (abdominal strain) 3 weeks
    #Alik Magin (finger fracture) 2 weeks
    Brandon Matera (abdominal strain) 2 weeks
    Steven May (hamstring) available
    Lewis Moss (hamstring) 1 week


    Chance Bateman (ankle) available
    Stephen Gilham (knee - ACL) season
    #Paul Johnson (unknown) indefinite
    #Angus Litherland (foot) season
    Brent Renouf (gall bladder surgery) indefinite
    Jarryd Roughead (achilles) season
    Shane Savage (shoulder) test
    Ben Stratton (dislocated patella/knee - PCL) season
    Matt Suckling (back) test

    Weekend Returns: Cameron Bruce, Jordan Lisle & Ryan Schoenmakers


    Rohan Bail (knee - PCL) 2 weeks
    Clint Bartram (hip) Onset: Round 18 training; Return: Round 19
    Aaron Davey (knee arthroscope - cartilage) test
    #Michael Evans (back) Onset: Round 18 training; Return: TBC*
    Jack Grimes (navicular stress fracture) season
    Liam Jurrah (virus) available
    Joel Macdonald (knee) test
    Michael Newton (foot) 2 weeks
    Tom Scully (knee) test
    Jake Spencer (knee - ACL) season
    Austin Wonaeamirri (personal leave) 1 week

    * = Injury still being assessed

    North Melbourne *

    Ayden Kennedy (knee - ACL) season
    #Matt Scott (knee - ACL) season
    Ben Speight (shoulder surgery) season
    Sam Wright (shoulder surgery) season

    Weekend Returns: Ed Lower & Ben Mabon

    Port Adelaide

    Dean Brogan (calf*) Onset: Round 18 training; Return: Round 21
    Alipate Carlile (hip) 3 weeks
    Hamish Hartlett (shoulder dislocation) available
    #Jarrad Irons (shoulder) season
    Andrew Moore (groin) available
    Ben Newton (groin) 4 weeks
    Simon Phillips (shoulder reconstruction) season
    Jasper Pittard (hamstring) 2 weeks
    Paul Stewart (shoulder reconstruction) season
    Justin Westhoff (toe) 1 week

    * = New injury and return date.
    Weekend Returns: Callum Hay & Tom Jonas

    Richmond *

    David Astbury (patella dislocation) season
    Jake Batchelor (concussion) 1 week
    Dan Connors (quad) 3 weeks*
    Tom Derickx (ankle fracture) season
    David Gourdis (VFL suspension) Onset: Round 17; Return: Round 23
    Shaun Grigg (eye) 1 week
    Dylan Grimes (hamstring tendon surgery) season
    Brad Helbig ("leg") 1 week
    Kel Moore (hip) season
    Chris Newman (knee - PCL) TBC
    Troy Taylor (personal) season

    * = No update this week from the club due to the bye, but like last week he wasn't even named, so evidently he re-injured himself at training last week between being declared available on Tuesday morning and the VFL sides being named Thursday night.
    Weekend Return: Nick Westhoff

    St Kilda

    Jason Cripps (calf surgery - compartment syndrome) indefinite
    Sam Crocker (shoulder surgery) season
    #Jackson Ferguson (shoulder surgery) season
    James Gwilt (knee - ACL) season
    Lenny Hayes (knee - ACL) season
    Tom Ledger (hamstring tendon surgery) season
    Andrew McQualter (AC joint) season
    Nick Riewoldt (suspension) 1 week
    Rhys Stanley (hamstring) 1 week

    Sydney *

    Daniel Currie (foot) 1 week
    Andrejs Everitt (calf) 1 week
    Campbell Heath (ankle) 1 week
    Lewis Johnston (ankle) 2 weeks
    Jed Lamb (hamstring) 1 week
    Mike Pyke (quad) 3 weeks
    Gary Rohan (knee - cartilage) 1 week
    Matt Spangher (hamstring) 1 week
    Byron Sumner (personal leave) indefinite

    West Coast

    Mitch Brown (shoulder dislocation) test
    Sam Butler (quad) 1 week
    Daniel Kerr (hip) test
    Ryan Neates (elbow) 5 weeks
    Andrew Strijk (glute) test

    Western Bulldogs

    Adam Cooney (groin) test
    Daniel Cross (concussion) test
    Nathan Djerrkura (achilles) 1 week
    Lindsay Gilbee (calf) test

    Tom Hill (foot) test
    Shaun Higgins (knee) test
    Liam Jones (knee) test

    Brian Lake (knee surgery*) season
    Brodie Moles (shoulder surgery) season
    Dale Morris (groin) test
    Robert Murphy (groin) test
    Liam Picken (corked thigh) test

    Jayden Schofield (virus) available
    Justin Sherman (suspension) available

    * = His knee swelled whilst rehabbing his calf strain - an arthroscope revealed more extensive surgery would be needed to fix the issue
    Weekend Returns: Ed Barlow & Ryan Hargrave

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