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  • Bracken knee surgery

    Nathan Bracken will miss start of IPL:

    From SMH/Age

    Bracken's career was hanging by a thread

    Daniel Lane
    March 30, 2008


    AUSTRALIAN fast bowler Nathan Bracken's career was just a thread of cartilage away from a possible career-ending injury.

    Bracken, who was named the player of the recent one-day series against India and Sri Lanka, underwent urgent surgery in Melbourne on Thursday after a scan showed his knee cartilage was perilously close to snapping.

    While cartilage injuries aren't normally as serious as they once were, Bracken was told the consequences could have been dire had it snapped while in the act of bowling.

    "I was doing more damage to the ligament every time I walked or moved," Bracken said. "It was serious. It could have ended my career if it went, for sure.

    "'My knee joint has to put up with eight to 10 times my body weight when I bowl. I'm 96 kilos, so nearly a tonne of weight goes through that front leg every time I bowl.

    "I had bone bruising and, while that was an issue, I actually had a large tear in my cartilage. When I was on the operating table the doctor said the cartilage in the area was like old paint peeling off a wall.

    "A big chunk of cartilage came out while he was cleaning the area up. He was amazed I was able to play through the summer." Regarded as one of the world's best one-day bowlers and considered unlucky to be constantly overlooked for Test duty, Bracken sought the advice of three surgeons before embarking on the operation.

    "The doctor who performed the operation looks after two AFL teams and this kind of injury is common in that code," he said. "He said I wouldn't be able to kick a ball with this injury but he was still surprised I was able to land upon it as comfortably as I did; though it wasn't really comfortable."

    Bracken's manager Rob Horton has advised Indian Premier League team Bangalore his charge won't start the season. However, Horton advised the team's coach Martin Crowe that Bracken could be fit for the latter stages of the competition.

    "The big thing now is that I do the right rehabilitation," Bracken told The Sun-Herald. "If there is any pain and discomfort I'm going to have to stop. It's important I don't push it too hard."

    Bracken started the season knowing there was a problem with his knee. However, it was diagnosed as severe bruising and he soldiered on.

    "I knew something was wrong," he said. "There was a bit of pain and when I experienced it during the Pura Cup final the doctor suggested I get it looked at."

    Bracken's recuperation is expected to take between four and 10 weeks, though he is hoping to make a bid to gain selection for the Australian team's tour of the West Indies.

    "When they cut the cartilage out they rough the area up to encourage the regrowth of new cartilage, so it depends on how that goes and how much pain I get from it. Because the injury is in a really bad spot it can cause all sorts of dramas."

    However, Bracken won't be lying idle. He'll be looking after his newborn son Chase while wife Haley pursues a burgeoning singing career.

    Source: The Sun-Herald
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    Good article. I know this only has partial relevance, but I'm created my own site about my experience of getting my knee replacement in India. It was an amazing experience.
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      Bracken knee surgery

      If you dont have a private insurance surgery is going to be expensive. A basic arthroscopy op will be 4000 surgeon 1500, assist surgeon 300, aneth 500, theatre 1500, hospital bed 400/day.

      Make sure your knee is strong b4 surgery.

      Good luck


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        Brackenn injury

        Brackenn's injury will affect the australian team,he is one of the best face bowler in their team.As soon he ll be bak to team make his comeback with lots of wickets.


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          I am big fan of Nathan Brackenn, I hope he is fit and growth your carrier soon. I wish he play again in aus team