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how long do hand fractures take to heal

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  • how long do hand fractures take to heal

    i fractured the bone in my hand that connects to the forefinger (metacarpal, i think it is called),

    what is the usual healing time before you can return to rugby, i broke it on the weekend and won't speak to the specialist for about a week cause i have all my mid sem exams this week and can't really afford to take the time off to sit in a dr's office.

    am just interested in the healing time roughly for a fracture with no complications


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    Make sure it is straight not bent before you avoid medical reviews. Metacarpal fractures heal pretty quick and very solidly, usually knit to an extent by 3 weeks and are strong by 6 weeks. However, they have a tendency (particularly 1st, 2nd and 5th) to rotate and bend a bit, which reduces your hand span. Get medical advice on whether your break is safe to treat without surgery or splinting.


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      nah i am not that stupid, i went to emergency and had it x-rayed and seen to by a dr, but she did not want to give timelines or whether it was all good and done or not. this i figured was more out of protecting herself and not giving me any definates, and leaving all that to the specialist, so that i can't turn around and say "but you said".

      but she did give the impression that is was not urgent to see the specialist, and because i have 5 mid-sem exams this week i figured my hand could wait a week.

      the fracture is a long crack from the top left of the bone to the bottom right on my left hand, both the radiologist and the dr thought it was a fairly clean fracture not involving any of the joints, but left me to see the specialist before ruling out any complications.

      the dr just braced it with a fibreglass splint and bandages.

      i just posted here because the doc didn't want to give me a timeline and i wanted to know roughly how long before i can return to rugby.

      obviously i won't return until i am ready and comfortable but just interested roughly

      thanks again



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        Well, I am not sure exactly but there have been a few football players with hand fractures in the NRL. Chris Flannery from the Sydney Rosters broke his thumb and returned to rugby in 3 weeks. Brett Hodgeson from the Tigers broke his hand and missed 2 weeks. Robbie Farah, also from the Tigers, had a hand frature and he missed 3 weeks. So I'd say around 2-4 weeks at the least but I am not an expert. I broke my finger on Saturday the 24th of June and it has just healed although it is still a little sore. So returns from hand, thumb and finger fractures are random. Sometimes, surgery can be required but I don't think that it speeds up the recovery (In that process, the surgeons insert screws in the hand).