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Knuckle injury from a punch

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  • Knuckle injury from a punch


    2 weeks ago i was involved in a fight, and after x-rays to my right hand they told me that there was no break or fracture. Doctor wasnt much help in telling me what kind of injury i had sustained, so i just assumed wait till the swelling and bruising goes away and it will be fine.

    There is still significant pain in both of the outer knuckles though, especially my index finger. When i try to bend it upwards or away from the other fingers, or push down with alot of pressure, there is pain within the knuckle region.

    Currently it is very difficult for me to see a sports doctor, as there isnt really one near where i work. Just wondering what i should do in terms of treatment, as i dont want to damage it even further and would like to resume my weight training asap.


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    I likewise had a similar injury a few years ago . I wisely punched a wooden fence during an argument and damaged the outer metacarcal bone (bone from little finger knuckle to the wrist). I had similar symptoms with swelling on the two outter knuckles with alot os sharp shooting pain when aly pressure applied to the injured area.
    I had actually broken the metacarcal bone right behind the knuckle. This was only founded after a second x-ray (second opinion). Because of the large volume of swelling it somehow managed not to show up on the first x-ray (or someone was just incompetent and covering their ass).
    Anyways, it may be a good idea to have it checked again and x-rayed. It may not be as severe as been broke but you "may" have a small fracture in the injured area which dont always show up on x-ray if there is extreme swelling! so say a timeframe of 4 - 8 weeks recovery. 4 - 5 weeks physio and then can start lifting weight again.
    Truely, it was about 6months before i was comfortable lifting my normal weights programme, what I was lifting before the injury... It is wise to reduce the weight when finished physio.
    Remember...... If you push this injury early it will make it worse in the long-run. Better to take care an be patient NOW and work to getting back to normal in time! Dont make the mistakes I made early on. It had an adverse affect on my training and general life also...!


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      Yeh im definitely thinking of getting a second opinion so i can get this sorted out asap. Really frustrating not knowing what is wrong with it and as a result not really knowing how to treat it. Obviously i got to rest it, but stuff like how long do i wait before i start the weights again is something i need to know too. Will have to get some time off so i can see a sports doctor i think.


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        Hello, I fractured my middle knuckle in January 2006 after punching my wardrobe out of anger and it was quite a severe injury. My whole hand swoll up REALLLLLY badly and it looked like something from the Nutty Professor film, my knuckle also swoll up and it was in a half-cast for about 4 weeks and then I slowly saw it getting back to normal after about a month. I've done weight training for about 2 years and waited 10 weeks before I resumed my normal weight training programme as advised by the doctor. My knuckle now looks almost normal again and my hand looks fine but I would like to know whether it would be safe for me to punch anyone with this hand at this stage. The knuckle is only just oversized but without me drawing atterntion to it, you wouldn't notice that it was fractured so i just wanted to know if it's safe to punh anyone with it just yet? I sound like a sadistic torturer but i just want to put my mind at ease.
        By the way, I hope this helped you "brettdawge"


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          hello. today i played bloody knuckles like any other day, i'm weird, i like playing bloody knuckles and i could feel my knuckles bruising up but today i guess i went too far. after i played, there was a sharp pain on mi middle knuckle and in 10 minutes of time, my knuckle became the size of my big toe, about an inch high. i put ice on it for like 20 minutes and it's like 1/2 inch rite now but i can't even move my middle finger. any suggestions on how to make it better? i'm only a teen, so i can't go to doctor, and if i tell my dad he'll get pissed, i never tell my parents if i dislocate bones and stuff. i don't think the bone is broken bc i can still move my middle finger a little. please help.


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            Dear um, Narf!

            (God this page is technical!)

            On Xmas Night I had a work-related incident. Screwed my little finger knuckle, right hand. 3 weeks ago to the day.

            Exactly the same problem. Puffed knuckle. Nutty Professor Style. Actually knew I had at least blown the knuckle and immediately took evasive action. As in swearing a lot and applying ice.

            BUT It is SO painful to move above horizontal, as you say. 3 weeks later, I think I need to get it X-Rayed. I suspect a fracture just below the knuckle which is quite common in "Punch Injuries".

            With regard to therapy / recovery. Cut the damn thing off is the best advice so far.. Not very constructive actually. Tempting, though...

            Will give you an update after the X Ray...

            Best regards,

            Hong Kong


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              Just a little aside from my comment. My doctor said, "You may have broken something there and there is not much you can do about it." Cost me $600 HK$ for that little gem of medical knowledge! Drop you a line after the XRay.. R.


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                You could have torn the ligaments that stabilize the joint at the knuckle. they run at the outsides and insides of every knuckle. To test yourself, if this is the problem: Place your hand flat on the table, palm facing down. With your other hand pull the index finger away from the middle finger. If this hurts, it indicates the ligament is torn on the inside. If you take the index finger and you pull in towards the middle finger, and over the middle finger, and you get pain at the knuckle, it indicates a torn ligament at the outside of the joint. If you place the sore hand on the pinky side of your hand with your thumb facing to the ceiling, and take your other hand and move the index finger forward as to bend it to make a fist, if this is sore, it indicates injury at the top of the knuckle joint where then tendon that pulls the finger backwards run with a special ligament over it to keep it in place. If you press on all the areas around the knuckle, is there a sensitive spot? If it is sore if you press on the outside of the knuckle, it indicates injury at the outside ligament (called collateral ligament). The same goes if its sore on the inside, for the inner ligament at that joing. If it is on top of the knuckle, you could have injured the tendon running over the knuckle that has a special ligament running over it keeping it in place over the knuckle. If it's a fracture, then if you press on the bone itself between the joints, at every angle it will be sore. same goes if the fracture is near the joint. every spot at that joint will be tender. Let me know what you find.


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                  I have an knuckle injury to my left hand middle knuckle (next to my ring finger), as a result of doing too many pushups on my knuckles. I have tried to ignore the pain and continue with my normal martial arts training and continue doing knuckle pushups in the hope that my knuckle would just toughen up over time...but no luck! From what Zaynah says I think I have damaged the ligament/tendon that goes over the top of the knuckle. I am now at the point were it hurts to throw just a light punch at a pad with my left hand let alone do pushups on my knuckles. I am wondering what is the best kind of treatment for this injury?



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                    hey NN

                    the best thing to do is to get diagnosed properly... an Orthopaedic surgeon that specialises in hand/finger injuries is your best bet... You can apply ice 10minutes 3-4times a day for pain and you can alternate it with a hotpack, so that you increase the bloodsupply by creating a pump (ice constricts the blood vessels, and heat opens them up). You can wear padding over the knuckle or tape it... A sports physiotherapist will be able to show you how to do this..

                    Good luck.


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                      message to Zaynah

                      Hi, I came across this forum while searching for information about the pain in my finger. These posts seem to be the only thing I can find that indicate you might know enough about this to help me. I had a job where I was holding lots of metal clothing hangers with cloths on them (heavy!) with my hands... and to relieve them I would switch around holding them with my fingers. Well, one day the inside 2nd knuckle of my middle finger hurt so bad, but only to touch it. Didn't hurt to bend it or straighten it. If you feel on your fingers, you can feel the little tendons (I think that's what I feel) going along the sides of the fingers, and that is what hurts, but RIGHT at my knuckle. It was the sharp kind of pain that could drop me to my knees if I put a little more pressure on it. It only took a very light touch to hurt. The little blue vein that runs there also suddenly showed up darker and more pronounced. If I left it alone and did NOTHING with that finger for a few days it would go away, only to come back easily a couple of weeks later. I don't have that job anymore, but I have to be really careful what I do with that finger. This doesn't help me because I am a massage therapist. I found information on trigger finger, but I don't think that's what it is. If you can, please help me know what I can do to prevent further damage if that's what this is, or is this something I need a Doctors help with? I don't have insurance and I can only afford to go to the Dr. if I REALLY need to.


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                        Hi curlylox

                        Anatomy of the finger is pretty straight forward. At the sides of the knuckles there are collateral ligaments, that look like crosses that keep the joint together. If you press on them and they are sore, it could be it. But stress fractures can also occur near the joints and they take longer to heal. Get an X-ay to be sure.


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                          Hand Injury

                          Hi, this forum seems as if it might be able to help me.
                          i hurt my hand 12 days ago, it was swollen and bruised for about five days and it was difficult to move my fingers not due to pain just swelling, then the swelling went down but the bruising is still here over my middle knuckle and in the palm of my hand, i can bend all my fingers the middle one is still stiff and when i bend it its like muscle pain down the back of my hand. but to move my middle finger to the left or right is a different story...theres a real sharp pain in my knuckle and middle back of my hand i cant put any pressure on it yet, as in to lift a pen between my thumb and middle finger induces the sharp pain again. Also from the injury my last two fingers sort of click when trying to make a fist theres no clicking sound but i can feell it and see it...theres no pain at all with that though!
                          anybody got any ideas, i play a sport which needs my hands the most so i was wondering what recovery period would be needed too!at the moment to catch a ball gives me a sharp pulsing pain at the back of my hand so i cant really play.
                          thanks in advance


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                            finger jam

                            A month ago tripped on stairs jamming middle finger into vertical wall of a stair. Initial pain was in first joint, tho that diminished immediately leaving the second knuckle swollen and tender. Thought it was a sprain but it has not reduced in size and is more tender now than two weeks ago. It bends, but not into fist and is more tender to touch now than initially. Where do I go from here with home treatment as there is no insurance.


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                              knuckle jam

                              Add to prior message. Finger bent backwards, but underside is not tender, its sides and top of knuckle that are distressed.
                              thanks for all responses.



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