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TFCC Debridement done, any advice on recovery period?

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  • TFCC Debridement done, any advice on recovery period?

    Hello All,

    I jsut had a debridement done for two TFCC tears (radial and ulner) and it is now officially been 3 weeks since surgery. I had my cast come off after Week 1, and it felt pretty good with the splint. But now it is begginnning to hurt even more and I can barely move it without experiencing pain.

    Does anyone have any idea on recovery time for a surgery of this nature and if the pain will go away anytime soon?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello, I had a debridement done on the 15th July 2011. I have a tear in the ligament and also the cartilage, severe osteoarthritus and had cysts on five of my bones, 3 neing quite large. I also had carpal tunnel which was released at the same time as the debridement. My understanding from my hand specialist told me, is that the debridement was just to clean up all the mess in my wrist. My arm, like yours felt pretty good after the operation and I am back to square one with the pain level. When I saw my hand surgeon 3 weeks ago, he said that we are going to have to do a fusion of my wrist as it is very unstable and severely damaged. I always knew this was going to happen but we were hoping it would not have to be done so soon. So from what I can understand from what your question asks, you only had the debridement done, not a repair, so maybe it is time you saw your surgeon for his next step in your treatment Hope this information helps you xxx


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      5 weeks post op and still in pain

      I had TFC Debridement on Sept 16, 2011 on my right wrist. I am starting to get really frustrated because I am still in pain. My nerve block bruised my upper arm from my armpit down to my elbow and for about 2 weeks I could barely lift my arm. My physical therapist gave me a deep tissue massage on my upper arm, which was absolutely awful but after a few days it started to feel better. My bruise is now completely gone and I have full use of my upper arm. However, my wrist is not making progress. My surgeon thinks I am exactly where I should be at 5 weeks post op. But my physical therapist is a little concerned. I play piano and cello and have not been able to play since my injury in April 2011. I want my life back!

      Have you recovered fully? If so, how long did it take? And were you getting mixed feedback from your surgeon/physical therapist?