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Benefits of cortisone injections

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  • Benefits of cortisone injections

    Hi there,

    Can any one tell me what the benefits of cortisone injections are and people's experience with it?

    I'd be interested in finding out whether it has helped with their rehab after injury or benefit of it is for older injuries.

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    Im pretty sure its just a pain killer to allow athletes to play while injured.


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      Glycocortikoids are not a painkillers, but antiinflammatory drugs. Their benefits depends on in what cases you use them. Nowdays their use in most cases doesnt have any scientific base, in case of tendinopaties, but they can be usefull in inflammatory conditions, for example in tenosynovitis.
      Unfortunately their use is still very wide, but without any base, it takes time when medical society fully understand it.


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        This is a medical summary that may be of help (although excuse the medical jargon):
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          Thanks, the article is really interesting. It seems that the evidence really suggests that cortisone treatment is really more for pain management and it is interesting in that it only has a short term effect. do you then think that if cortisone injections only have a short term effect that there would be more benefit in using it in conjunction with physio therapy and a proper rehabilitation program?


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            yeah but the problem that not many discuss is everytime you use these in joints some good connective tissue is destoyed too. Glucocorticoids basically work in the reverse of anabolics, they cause tissue breakdown or catabolism. now overuse of cortisone injections into the joints with in time also reduce the cartilage. which can promote arthritis and other joint problems.


            my advice would be to avoid them if at all possible, and try NSAIDs first along with physio.


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              Thanks for the advice. I was curious because when I saw the physio he asked if I had gone to get cortisone injections when I first hurt my shoulder and passed it off as being totally ridiculous. Maybe this represents how medicine is always seeking to find a quick fix answer when these solutions can cause more damage.

              Cortisone injections never really appealed to me and have always been weary of the idea of it since cortisone itself is not very good for the body when it is absorbed in rather high doses.

              I'll check out the article. Thanks


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                I recently had a cortisone injection in my wrist and was wondering does anyone have any experience of cortisone or steroids in general causing insomnia. I've had oral steroids before and had the same experience and was interested to know if it's a common side effect.