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Ankle cartilage regeneration

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  • Ankle cartilage regeneration

    18 months ago I broke and dislocated my ankle. Last week I had the 7 pins and plate removed from my fibula and floating bone removed from the medial side of the ankle.

    At the same time I had an arthroscope which the surgeon found some flapping cartilage. He has cut this off and has suggested that I need to decide whether to have it sent away to be regenerated and replaced in my ankle. This apparently will reduce my chance of osteo-porosis in the future.

    This operation will see me have another 12 months without sport and therefore is a tough decision to make.

    I need to gather as much information about this operation as I can and would appreciate any information about it.

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    This is a tough decision, as cartilage regeneration is still pretty experimental. The best trial I know of comparing regrowth from transplant versus microfracture (where the surgeon drills the bone to stimulate regrowth from within) in the knee, showed very similar results, suggesting that the body's own ability to regrow cartilage is as good as we can do in the lab at the moment:

    Read this trial summary at:
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