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ankle hyperextension injury

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  • ankle hyperextension injury

    Hi everyone,
    Over two months ago I did myself an unusual injury. I jumped down around 5 feet onto a boulder and only the ball of my foot hit the landing while my heel kept moving resulting in my foot flexing further than it should (toes toward shin). I felt a severe jarring in the front of my foot.

    No swelling to speak of, pretty much full range of movement and no physical abnormalities. My ankle was rather stiff for a week or so but became ok pretty soon afterward. I do however have constant pain in my ankle around the inside malleolus, particularly if knocked or my foot is twisted in an unusual way. Pressing on the malleolus (at the base of it) causes pain.

    Can anyone offer some insight on what might be causing this pain?

    - Ben.

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    Hi there, I think I have exactly the same injury - it was caused by missing a step in the dark - my heel hit the step and the rest of my foot kept going, causing hyperextension of the ankle. I could walk immediately after the initial pain subsided and there was only a small swelling below the medial malleolus, but two weeks later I still have a sharp pain when extending my foot and I can't sit on my heel. I would like to know whether you ever got a diagnosis for your injury and what the outcome was. I am not sure whether or not to go to a doctor as there is very little pain when I walk. I imagine it is probably a sprain and will get better on its own with rest and nonsteroidals, but if yours went on for two months I am wondering if it is a fracture.



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      Hi kld,
      I didn't get a diagnosis and it sounds like you over extended your foot in the opposite direction (toes away from shin whereas mine was toes toward shin), but your symptoms such as sharp pain on extension and sitting on your heel sound very similar.

      For what it's worth, after about 9 months my ankle was back to normal (no pain on random bumps to the ankle). However, over those 9 months, even a small knock would make my ankle blow up. All I can guess is that I had severely stretched or torn a ligament on the inside of my ankle (sorry, without going back and researching it all again I couldn't tell you anything more exact than in my first post).

      I'm one for putting up with pain and injuries for months on end before I contemplate getting things seen to (I'm a mountain biker and I injure myself a bit every now and then!).

      Sorry I couldn't be more help.