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  • Tearing plantar fascia

    Tearing the plantar fascia in an elite footballer I agree is the best way to ?cure? the problem. I have had success with the professional guys in this fashion on 3 occasions. Unfortunately have never been able to get it done in an amateur. Have tried local and then getting them to run and jump and try to rip it, but it doesn?t want to go in the typical plantar fascia cases.

    See below from Herald-Sun

    Tendon tear a blessing for Bulldog Mitch Hahn
    Mark Stevens | July 15, 2008 12:00am

    THE Western Bulldogs have confirmed a foot tendon injury was the source of Mitch Hahn's mysterious departure from the ground on Sunday. But nobody at Whitten Oval is concerned. In fact, it is cause for minor celebration.

    Hahn had been dogged by soreness to the plantar fascia tendon under his foot for almost a month, but pressure was eased when it snapped in the opening minute against the Demons.

    Although the forward was on crutches after the game, he will be fit to confront Geelong on Saturday.

    And with the tendon completely torn away, the Dogs are now confident the pain will go away forever.

    "We're getting a scan to prove it, but it looks like that's what's happened," Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade said last night.

    "The doctors said it's the best-case scenario.

    "He'll have a bit of swelling for a couple of days, but he will be right to play this week.

    "He'll be better over the next few weeks because he's had this problem for three or four weeks."

    Geelong's Brad Ottens benefited from a similar scenario on the training track.

    Ottens partially tore the plantar fascia tendon during a VFL practice match in March, but snapped it fully to allow a comeback.

    It is often better for the tendon to fully snap to accelerate the healing process, with St Kilda legend Robert Harvey famously jumping off his kitchen table to tear his.

    Hahn kicked the first goal of the game in the opening minute, before heading for the bench.

    He returned after quarter-time, and was limited, but with treatment this week the Dogs are confident the worst of Hahn's foot problems are behind him.

    Scott Welsh, a late withdrawal with back soreness, is expected to return against the Cats. "He's still a bit stiff, but he should be OK," Eade said.

    Ryan Griffen, who returned to Melbourne last night after almost a week in South Australia to support his ill father, will also play.

    But key defender Tom Williams will spend at least another week on the sidelines with a shoulder injury.
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