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Hip/Groin/Knee pain

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  • Hip/Groin/Knee pain

    Hi all
    I realise my thread title is same or similar to many older ones however given the dates on some of them thought it was better to start a new thread.
    My story is this- I was born with dislocated hips 44 years ago. I was walking before they were diagnosed (got to love the 60's!!). Although I have had hip pain on both sides caused by various exercise over the years (eg rollar blading, horse riding, skiing), it has been managable. I has bad hip pain during pregnancy but am told that is quite normal.

    I now have pain neverending in my right (which technically was my better) hip. I am wondering if it is even related to the hip dysplasia at all as having done a bit of reading it sounds more like pyriformis, byrsitis etc. The pain is at the ball of the hip, and in the groin, radiating to my knee (outer edge), and also radiating into my outer buttock and my hamstring. I am a mess. It throbs non stop. Driving hurts. If I sit for long it seizes up and almost locks. I cannot raise my leg without groin pain, struggle to put socks on. I cannot sit and cross my legs, the leg does not go down tot he side (not sure how to descibe this).

    I cannot pinpoint what has made this worse all of a sudden but it has come and gone more often in the last 2 years. I do regular exercise walking the dog on very hilly terrain where I live, and I swim. I am not unfit.

    Does nayone have any idea what this sounds like? And to whom should I go in Melb to get this diagnosed and fixed- a physio or a GP or an orthopedic surgeon?

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    I would seek help as my 'better' hip started up with pain and it all came from the dyplasia in opposite hip, got that one fixed and now i am currently having 'better' hip fixed too as the years have made it carry me my whole life and it's made it poorly and super sore, and i've not looked back yet. I had in the dyplasia hip a triple pelvic (three breaks and shove across in pelvis) and the femur broke and lengthened 2 inches 2 yrs ago now, been 1 yr since screws and plates came out. This hip moves better than it ever has, although still weak and needs building up it is 100% improvement. The Better hip i've had done 12wks ago is having my femur rotated so still on crutches and rehabbing it. This is still an improvement on pain, just not mobility yet, early days.

    I'm in the UK but Hotchickie on here could possibly help with Aus Surgeons and Hospitals for you


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      You may find numerous causes of severe knee pain, which include any trauma caused by strain or an accident. The several factors behind shock injuries include torn meniscus, tendinitis or torn ligaments. People affected by knee ache because of bone cracks could be in severe hassle. These fractures might be due to severe impacts and street crashes.


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        Hi, Im hoping someone has some ideas on this. I usually see neuro patients, so Im not all that experienced in ortho.
        The pt. is s/p ORIF after breaking hip. I have been seeing him over a month doing regular ortho type exercises to strengthen and stretch affected leg but today when attempting passive single knee to chest stretch with affected leg, he c/o pain in the affected side groin with knee flexion past 90 degrees. He also starts to Ext.Rot. the hip once it is in about in 60 degrees of flexion while in supine. If I try to bring him into neutral vs. externally rotated at 75 degrees of hip flexion he c/o the same pain. In prone, he gets the pain with about 30 degrees of passive IR. Does this just mean his internal rotators are shortened? Would that be enough to account for the sharp pain? I want to make sure Im not missing something.
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