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Sydney Neurosurgeon - Dr Martin McGee-Collett

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  • Sydney Neurosurgeon - Dr Martin McGee-Collett

    Does anyone know of, or have any experience with, Dr Martin McGee-Collett a Sydney Neurosurgeon? I have to go and see him soon about a protruding disk (C6/C) and I am not sure if he is pro-surgery or not. Any advice would be good because I am not used to specialists and I want to know that I am being referred to a good one. Thank you in advance!

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    You have been referred to one of the best neurosurgeons in sydney. He is not pro-surgery. good luck


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      Sydney Neurosurgeon Dr Martin McGee Collett

      "crap neurosurgeon" how can that be.... I am in such awe of Neurosurgeons I believe them to be "the best of the best" but I am definately biased because I actually work "for the best"
      from russia wih love


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        I have seen some reference to Dr Marc Coughlan as a fantastic surgeon, I had heard that too. But with my experience with him it has totally change my mind about him..... I had a major back operation by him which failed and made me worst off, but yes I do understand things can go wrong, but he made me promises that he never kept, such as he would do me a report of my percentage of disability, which I kept asking him for and after 7 or 8 months down the track when I ask again he sent me a letter stating that he hasn't time for at-least another 6months time and now I had to pay him $2000 for the report from his bad surgery?????? I have been to other surgeons for a second opinion after they have seen the scans of my back they will not touch me and tell me that I have to go back to Dr Marc Coughlan................ Why????
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          I also had spine surgery with Dr Marc Coughlan that left me worse off. A year later I had surgery with another Doctor (an Orthopaedic Surgeon) and now 3 years later I am much better off than I was before.