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Lock up/tense tight pain--side of knee

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  • Lock up/tense tight pain--side of knee

    Sorry the long post I've posted here but I like being descriptive so whoever takes the time to help me out will have a better chance at a diagnosis. Thankyou for taking the time to read in advance..

    5 years ago, Freshmen year in High school i started doing Wrestling. About one month one of my practices we were doing front tumble rolls. Wrestling shoes are sticky and so when I was almost completing one of the rolls my feet got stuck to the mats, my body momentum kept going forward so the only place to go for my body was forward, hence, my knews bowed out to the side, both right and left. After they bowed out and i continued rolling forward falling on my stomach because my knee felt like it had "locked up" my first instinct was to straigten my leg. I straightened my leg and I could feel something on the side of my knee "pop" out and I instantly stood up with no pain and I was just thinking to myself.."what just happened?".
    Ever since then in wrestling matches, pratice, sitting indian style, squatting in abnormal positions, all the times where weight is exerted to the outside of my knee, or where my knee buckles out my knee gets that lock up feeling where i can feel something shifting on the side of my knee and at one point during the "shift" i feel an excrussiating pain as i feel like whatever is in my knee shifting..i feel like its going over top of the little bone that sticks out the side of your knee. after the shift it gets REALLY tense and tight on the side of my knee. it's happened atleast 50 times in my life and everytime Ive been able to repop it out (hurting like hell for that one second, then completely feeling no pain afterwards). Last night in a skiing accident my knee did that thing and i wasnt able to instantly straighten my leg out to repop it out so it stayed locked up (when normally ive fixed it within seconds). but its been nearing 24 hours now and my knee cannot move without hurting on the side. My upper outside thigh has a soreness pain (becuase it is staying flexxed non-stop) as well as my calf. my calf doesnt hurt like a charlie horse but is constantly flexxing slightly. when i try to stretch my leg out to straighten it sometimes my foot goes to sleep. I can bend my knee up to my chest with no pain, but trying to extend past 45 degree's is painful and takes 5 minutes only going a cm or two at a time to finally get it almost straightened out, however i cant straighten it straight completely without feeling a VERY tight tense pain in my knee, almost like my knee feels like its going to pop out. Ive heard things wrong such as my IT band, my Lat. ligiment, muscle problems, ive heard it all..gotten several mri's while NOT in the "locked up" stage. its always been 'fixed' during mri's and ive seen several doctors. doctors are never sure whats wrong, nothing "apparently" showed up on Mri's. Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can help me.

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    Hey Mica,
    I know what you're talking about, I have had 2 MRI's both time the same result "all ligaments are intact". I went to physio therapy and before he even touched me, he noticed that my calf was discolored and swollen and HARD. He told me to go for an ultra sound, to which it revelaed I had a blood clot in my calf. The only reason I had one was because I didn't move my leg alot, therefore I developed a clot. If you are moving it and circulating it, I'm sure there isn't a clot for you with the tenderness in your calf. I would suggest going to physio therapy and getting their advice. My physio therapist saved my life, had he worked on my leg while I had a clot, he would have dislodged it and it would have passed through my lungs into my heart. That's the best advice I can give you, don't take my advice, just listen to it, it may help. Good luck!


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      Hi Mica,
      Locking usually means it's either a tear of the meniscus(cartilage) or a loose body in the joint.
      I would think you tore the lateral meniscus during your initial accident and that flap gets jammed in your knee joint which you managed to free yourself.
      In young people, MRI isn't as accurate, so it's possible that the MRI didn't pick up the tear.

      Ultimately i think you should see an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in knees and get an arthroscopy(camera test) done.
      This will show up any torn cartilage (or a loose fragment of bone) and this can be repaired.