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    Lots of good links in this newsletter from Davina Sanders, so posted on the web here:

    This edition of Member News features our latest information on our upcoming Conference in Fiji, the recent SMA National Physical Activity Survey in conjunction with Pfizer, updates on the new and improved SMA website, job opportunities for Physios at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and lots more.

    Last Chance for Fiji Conference!

    The Shangri-la Resort has released five additional rooms to SMA for Conference delegates at the Conference rate.

    These will be sold on a first come, first served basis by contacting Davina Sanders on

    If you want to know what is on offer, go to for details of the Conference program, speakers, social program and other delights of sports medicine in paradise.

    Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS)

    JSAMS is booming in popularity since the move to Elsevier and change to 6 editions annually. Draw down of articles from the website has increased from 300 to 1300 a month and the number of submissions has also jumped – 182 articles submitted as at 1 August compared to 120 submitted for the whole of 2005. More information about JSAMS can be found at For online access, go to:

    “Find a Sports Medicine Professional”

    The SMA national website now carries a front page link direct to the “member search” functions of all discipline groups’ web sites. SMA is providing this service to promote awareness of and access to the services of all sports medicine and science professionals.

    SMA National Physical Activity Survey

    In partnership with pharmaceutical company Pfizer, SMA recently completed a national survey of adult physical activity levels (the first since the Active Australia survey in 2000). Results were released on Monday 28 August and generated a substantial level of media interest with more than 40 radio interviews and other media coverage. The survey also looked at attitudes to sport and sports injury and we will use these findings to generate further media stories in coming months. Another outcome of the partnership was the production of an edition of the Pfizer Health Report focused on “Healthy Sport and Exercise”. More information about the survey, the media release and the Health Report are available at

    Other Media

    SMA supported the AFL position in regard to the confidentiality provisions of the AFL Illicit Drug Policy. See for a copy of the full statement and other SMA media statements.

    QANTAS Club – Member Benefits

    To view the full range of benefits available to all categories of SMA members – including reduced costs for membership of the Qantas Club – go to or refer to the attachment on this email for more new benefits.

    Safer Sport Program (Sports Trainers)

    The Safer Sport Program experienced record growth in 2005-2006 with numbers increasing by 17 per cent compared to the previous year. There were 5,535 accreditations issued in the 12 month period and there are now more than 16,000 accredited Sports Trainers and Sports First Aiders. The ACT, Queensland and Victoria were the main growth centres. Thanks to all SMA members who contribute time to teach in this Program, which is the backbone of safety in organised sport in this country.

    If any member would like to become involved in teaching Sports Trainers, you should contact you SMA state branch. Contact details at

    Doctors and Obesity
    Most people would agree that excess body weight is a significant health risk, but should doctors be held to a higher standard than the general public for maintaining appropriate weight and fitness levels? See the link below for an interesting Medscape Roundtable Discussion group on the issue.

    Physiotherapists and Podiatrists

    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released two reports about podiatrists and physiotherapists.

    About Podiatrists:
    In 2003 there were 2,361 registered podiatrists in Australia, representing an increase of 15% from registrations in 1999 (2,048), (excluding the Northern Territory, where registration figures were not available in either year).

    Over 90% of the AIHW survey respondents were working in the profession.

    Most employed podiatrists in the survey (96%) were in clinical work, involved in direct patient care.

    Just under two-thirds of the employed podiatrists in the survey were female.

    About Physiotherapists:

    In 2002 there were 15,967 registered physiotherapists in Australia, representing an increase of 11% from registrations in 1998 (14,399), (excluding the Northern Territory, where registration figures were not available in either year).

    Some 80% of the physiotherapists responding to the AIHW survey were working in the profession.

    Most employed physiotherapists in the survey (92%) were in clinical work, involved in direct patient care.

    Around three-quarters of employed physiotherapists in the survey were female.

    More information can be found at:

    A Physio and Interested in working at the next Olympics??

    Next month, National Sports Federations will be calling for applications from sports physiotherapists for the Beijing 2008 Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

    All applicants need to meet the following selection criteria:
    Be an Australian registered physiotherapist, member of Sports Physiotherapy Australia, and Sports Medicine Australia
    Be a Titled Sports Physiotherapist
    Demonstrate skill and experience in the management of sports trauma
    Hold a certificate of a current First Aid qualification
    Have regular and current involvement with athletes of national or international teams, preferably with those sports on the program for the 2008 Olympic Games
    Have recent experience of successful travel with teams to international competition, preferably with those sports on the program for the 2008 Olympic Games
    Availability to undertake pre-Olympic Games travel, including training camps and test events
    Demonstrated ability to work with other health professionals in a team environment
    Good health and an appropriate level of fitness for high volume, high intensity workload
    Ability to manage or re-assign any existing professional commitments for the duration of the 2008 Olympic Games program
    Current Medical Negligence Insurance (which will be extended to cover Games time activities subject to appointment)

    Take this opportunity to become part of an amazing experience!

    To express your interest, please contact


    Supersize Me!

    Coca Cola are currently massively promoting what good corporate citizens they are by providing additional labelling information on Coke detailing “the number of kilojoules per serving”. They also tell us “600ml bottles will be deemed to be a single serve”.

    When Coke was first introduced into Australia in the 1950s, a single serve was 6 fluid ounces. 600ml is about 21 fluid ounces, so a single serve of Coke seems to have increased about three and a half times since the 1950s.

    Interestingly, it was reported at the recent Physical Activity and Obesity Satellite Conference in Brisbane that the UK has “given up” on the idea of trying to regulate advertising of junk food on TV. Further, the ban on such advertising currently in force in Sweden may have to be lifted because of legal requirements of European Union membership.

    In Australia we have no such problems, because the Federal Health Minister tells us that avoiding obesity and inactivity is the responsibility of the individual or – for children – their parents.

    Special Deal for SMA Members on Runners World Subscriptions

    Subscription details were sent with the Winter Edition of Sport Health. If you missed this and would like a copy to subscribe, please contact Bev in the National Office at

    State Branch Events:

    SMAWA State Conference 11& 12 October, Mandurah, WA. More details at

    SMASA AGM and Dinner Friday 3 November at Adelaide Oval.

    Related Conferences

    Interested in travelling overseas or interstate and want to tie the travel into a conference? Information on conferences related to sports medicine and science, sports injury prevention and physical activity promotion ca be found at

    New Employment site: “Healthy People”

    "Healthy People” is broadcasting Australian health and fitness opportunities.

    If you’re looking for the right job or need appropriately qualified staff, visit
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