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Best Shoulder Surgeon ??

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  • Best Shoulder Surgeon ??

    I have undergone 3 shoulder operations.

    2 x arthroscopic & 1 open.

    I still dislocate my shoulder and it is really easy at present. I have no option but to go under the knife 4 more extensive suregery to repair soft tissue + boney banchart leison + Hil Sacks leison.

    Original cause was a motor vehilcle accident which was severely exagerated by another car accident ( neither where my fault - unlucky I guess ).

    I want to find the person with the BEST Reputation, who is known as the BEST. 4th Surgery - I want to get it right !

    Does anyone know who this BEST of the BEST Shoulder Surgeon???
    If you feel uncomfrotable here, please contact me here: email

    Your information would be invaluable to me...



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    Professor David H Sonnabend......


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      Not sure where you're based. I'm based in Melbourne.

      I've got multi-directional instability and have had my left shoulder operated on. Having my right shoulder done in September/October by John Salmon. He's a great surgeon and specialises in shoulders. He's based at the Mercy Private Hospital in East Melbourne and also operates at Vimy House Private Hospital.

      I had my left shoulder done in 2003 and hasn't popped out at all since then.

      He has also operated on quite a few footballers, so knows his stuff.

      Let me know if you want more info.


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        No. 1 in Aus would be David Sonnabend no question, followed by Graeme McDougal Ph. (02) 9997 6366 (who works along side Dr Sonnabend).


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          Originally posted by sillyshoulder84
          No. 1 in Aus would be David Sonnabend no question, followed by Graeme McDougal Ph. (02) 9997 6366 (who works along side Dr Sonnabend).
          I don't think you can really compare between surgeons as they are all different.

          Greg Hoy is meant to be one of the best. He's operated on a lot of elite sports people, such as Grant Hackett and Pat Rafter to name a few.

          In Melbourne Greg Hoy and John Salmon are meant to be the best. John Salmon has operated on quite a few footballers too.


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            Agree completely that there is no such thing as the 'BEST' overall in a category. However, the surgeons mentioned above generally have fine reputations and are generally good choices for those with shoulder problems that require surgery. If you don't need surgery then the 'best' surgeon may be the 'worst' option!
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              Dr Hoy seems very good at self promotion.


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                what about dr goldberg or the other doctors from the sydney shoulder clinic. does anyone have any positive or negative experiences from those?