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Examination without referral ?

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  • Examination without referral ?

    I've been have a shoulder problem that has been going on for 6 months (maybe a partial dislocation) that is now causing a number of side effects.

    I've seen a few physios that do not much but pay me lip service. I'm trying an osteopath who gives me vague answers and has put me on an acupuncture program (where I'm told to immerse my legs in hot water, cleanse my spleen and eat warm soup for breakfast !) . Still no real idea what is actually wrong.

    I'm getting a bit sick of all the money going out the door, lots of vague advice with no real change in the state of affairs. Just trying to get a blunt, honest answer as to what I've done and what is really needed to recify it... surgery or not.

    Are there any Sydney shoulder specialists who can do basic examinations WITHOUT me having to waste more time going to a GP and getting a referral (still no idea why I have to see one, just to get referred to the one I want to see in the first place) ? My GP referred me to the physio, which was a dead loss.

    Just a little frustrated.

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    Welcome to the sordid world that is medical referral. "You send me a few, I'll send you a few. You send for some imaging, then send them back to me. I'll send for a consult with an ortho then we'll worry about the treatment." Everone's a winner this way


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      You can go to a shoulder surgeon without a referral, the only issue is that Medicare won't pay the full rebate. Since the rebate is a fraction of the cost of surgery, if you know who you want to see, just make a booking.
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