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ongoing shoulder problems

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  • ongoing shoulder problems

    I first dislocated my right shoulder about 10 years ago, playing Aussie Rules. After 3 subsequent dislocations (1 year later) I had an arthroscope which I believe used dissolving screws to put back into place. This lasted about 4 years until another dislocation occured. In the 5 years since then the shoulder has become weaker and dislocations have occured more frequently, mainly playing football!
    This last weekend while playing Cricket I managed a new first and dislocated both shoulders while diving. This is my first dislocation on my left shoulder.
    I am interested if people think I should get both shoulders operated on or try to strengthen without operation. I no longer play high contact sports such as football, but still enjoy cricket, golf and triathlons.

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    Hey how u doin,

    Like u i hav and do hav major shoulder problems however I am yet to dislocate both so congratulations on that!

    I did my left shoulder playing rugby in 2002, then it came out about 8 more times before I decided to get a full shoulder reco. It was good after the reco for a year and a half before an unfortunate Touch football tag resulted in the operated shoulder coming out again!!! i was shattered, it cas come out once more since then but with persistance and be being careful I feel as though I can manage it at the moment. I play cricket at a fairly high standard and even though I am a keeper i feel confident with it. So what i would suggest to u..

    Get ur bad shoulder reconstructed. U say ur not playing contact sport anymore so u should be fine after that. If it comes out again u would be unlucky but u can still manage as long as ur not playing footy.

    With ur other shoulder just rehab it, and be careful! they say 90% of shoulders that come out once will come out again so the odds r that a few years down the track. having two recons at once would mean u may starve to death! and we dont want that

    email me at if u have any more questions.

    Good luck


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      Re-dislocation rate is VERY high in a non-reconstructed shoulder on return to contact sports. I have found that after early reconstruction with a top surgeon (i.e. before 2-3 disclocations) the recurrence rate is <=10%. However, if you wait until 5+ disclocations before you get your reco, the success rate is a lot less (?50/50 only).

      Arthroscopic reco success is slightly less than open but recovery is quicker.
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