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  • Pec tendon rupture.....

    Hey everyone,
    I'm just trying to get some feedback from people who have experienced or knew someone who had a pectoral major tendon rupture. I ruptured mine going on 3 months ago while doing the bench. Come to find out I ruptured the tendon muscular junction. Usually you rupture the tendon bone juncture, so my rupture wasn't as nice as the bone one. Since the surgery my whole right side has atropheded so much that I look like a boy just going through puberty. How long will that effect last and just how did anyone that had the same injury, how long did it take to be back in the game. I'm currently in the Navy, and I'm getting out next year and I was planning on playing some college ball, but now that is up in the air. What is the likliness that I can play? How much more likely am I to injure this pec again? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

    Beau Jackson

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    My friend,
    I have just come back from the doctor a few hours ago. I fell last winter while skiing and hit my pectoral at a pretty high speed. No bones fractured, but I had a terrible pain in my arm, and I could see the ecchymosis (blood colored spot on your skin, you know) big like my palm. I hardly could drive my car, especially when turning right (I injured my left side). I could find no appropriate diagnostical facility by that time, so I went on. Now I am stronger than rigth after the event, I drive without any major problems, I even swim (not as fast as before, but faster than the average). I even play trombone almost every day and the weight is on my left (injrued) arm. My problem is when weight lifting. It aches like hell. I could tell you more, but it is enough for now.
    So, today I came back from sonography to find out I have a partial muscular rupture. I went on the internet and I found a few things.
    First of all, keep a good spirit. Do not give up, do not let your condition deteriorate your self-image (same goes for me, since I came back from the doctor today pretty desperate).
    Second, do not hasten your rehab. I takes a lot of time. I still can feel the pain, after so long. You have good chances.
    I found an interesting articel on the web, here is the link:

    I recommend you to read especially the outcome of the two cases and the conclusion. It might lift up your spirit. You are in a good situation, because you received adequate care in time. I have to start thinking of surgery and recovery after a year or so. Or, since I can use my arm for almost all of the daily tasks, in case surgery proves to be out of reach, I will have to reconcile myself with reduced strength and assymetry. We'll see.
    Conclusion: In my case I could regain a usable part of my strength and dexterity without any medical intervention. Your chances are far better. Be patient and optimistic!
    I would be glad to hear about how you are doing. You can even use my email.
    Get well!
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