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Bumps on both shoulders?

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  • Bumps on both shoulders?

    I've noticed that my collarbone is prominent on both shoulders, the acromion (I think that's what it's called) looks sharp and pointed against the skin. I don't feel any pain or any restriction in shoulder movements but it looks unusual and has me worried. I don't carry much fat, well practically none, I've been lifting weights for fifteen years and never noticed it looking this prominent before, though I have always had a slight prominence in the shoulders around the collarbone and acromion because I started out very thin (about 9 stone at age sixteen and worked up to 13 and a half stone now). My bones are generally prominent, elbows, that nobbling bit on the wrists, ankles, hips, etc. because I'm six five and not that heavy considering my height. But still, could those bumps be shoulder bone spurs? Or even some type of AC sprains on both sides? They are very noticeable. I don't know anybody else as slim and tall as me to compare with.

    To emphasise again, no shoulder pain at all, no aching, nothing - just these prominent bumps where the acromion is on both sides. Anyone know if prominent acromions can be normal in very tall, generally slim people?

    I'm new to the forum, would like to post images of the shoulder prominent bones I'm talking about if possible.