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  • shoulder seperation question

    Ok here is my story. I dislocated my left shoulder, had surgery, and am now fine. About 4 months ago I was messing around wth my roomate and my RIGHT shoulder seemed to pop out and then go back in after a few seconds. I stayed off of it and about 5 days later I was back to working out (lifting weights) with no problem. Since then I have had this "pop out and then back in" problem about 3 more times. However, everytime it happens I feel fine after about 4 days and back to my normal weight lifting without any pain. I guess my question is, why doesnt it hurt at all untill i push it out, and why do i feel absolutly fine enough to lift heavy weights after such an injury? Its because of this that I dont even look into therapy although maby I should. Could it be that my shoulder is just used to being lose and can handle these "slips". Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I popped my shoulder close to 30 times before deciding to operate as I could always return to footy and weights fairly quickly and painlessly, however as time progressed the dislocations seemed to come with greater ease, hence the decision to operate.


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      The more often a shoulder has dislocated the less trauma associated with each dislocation. However, there will always be some trauma even if minimal, and extra strain on the rotator cuff.

      Multiple joint dislocators are very likely to get rotator cuff tears and shoulder arthritis when older. If you choose to continue with sports that cause dislocations, it is better in the longer term to get a shoulder reconstruction (making sure the surgeon is of high quality though). If the dislocations are related to specific sports and you retire from them, then there may be no need. However, it is worth noting that a tendency to dislocations can be somewhat dangerous in certain situations (e.g. mucking around in the surf by yourself - dislocate your shoulder, you can't swim and may even drown).
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