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    Could anyone tell me or does anyone know who is the best shoulder specialist, would appreciate it thanks.

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    Originally posted by Cameron
    Could anyone tell me or does anyone know who is the best shoulder specialist, would appreciate it thanks.
    Hi Cameron,

    Try to be more specific.

    What state are you in? Are you even in Australia? That would help narrow down the shoulder specialists.

    Then look in the shoulder injury forum for the links to the shoulder surgeons in a particular state, if you are in Australia only.

    For example, if you are in Sydney you could have easily found out the comprehensive list yourself by looking at,
    The same is for every other state.

    The admin's have set up the link "Find a clinic to have your shoulder injury treated" - how did you miss this?
    A few clicks would have gotten here,

    I didn't want to bother answering as you could found this out yourself easily, however, I have had a bad shoulder as well so I gave you a chance.

    Good luck.


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      Hi Cameron

      Let us know what state you're in (if you're in Australia) and someone will no doubt be able to recommend a specialist - might also be worth mentioning if you're after a sports physician who specialises in shoulders or an orthopedic surgeon who specialises in shoulders.

      PLUCs, I agree there's great info on the Injury Update Clinics listing but it doesn't actually tell you who's good. Asking for recommendations from people who have been treated by particular specialists is a worthwhile step. Otherwise how do you see the forst from the trees? (It would be nice to think that everyone who has a med / physio / whatever qualification is good at what they do, but the fact is that some are clearly better than others).

      If you're in Sydney, I highly recommend Seamus Dalton (NSOSMC, Crows Nest) if you're after a sports physician - very thorough, professional, and clearly knows his stuff. In terms of orthopedic surgeons Des Bokor is one who comes highly recommended, but there are others (may depend on what your injury is). Depends on your situation, but if you want a thorough review of your injury and discussion of possible treatment options, I'd recommend that you first see a sports physician who specialises in shoulders before going down the orthopod path.

      Don't be afraid to travel (or pay a bit extra) if you want the best advice (it won't always be available locally) - it's worth it in the long run.

      Good luck!




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        I live in NSW and am after a sports phyician, am looking at getting a AC reconstruction and i am having other issues with my shoulder which i am not sure of why, maybe nerve damage as i said not sure, thats why i want to see a top specialist and don't wont to miss to much Rugby next season as i am currently playing but in huge pain but only two more games to go.


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          cameron, shoulder specialist


          I am in the same situation as you with shoulder injuries and need for surgery and I recommend Professor David H Sonnabend from the Royal North Shore Private Hospital in St Leonards Sydney. He specialises with shoulders. I injured/dislocated my shoulder in football a few years ago and he is very good.
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