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  • Shoulder Clunk

    Hi all,

    I have just started training again after a gap of a few months since my last weight training session. I have been training for a few weeks and I developed some injuries. One on my elbow cleared up but then when i started benching again I noticed my shoulder started to make a clunking sound whenever I was bench pressing (using a barbell).

    It is ok when I bench press lighter weights but when I bench press 45Kg and the barbell comes down to my chest, when it is almost at the chest a strange sort of clunking sound comes along the collar bone only on the right shoulder.

    Im not sure what it is. There is no pain but I am afraid if I continue to train that there will be pain and perhaps some damage.

    What is the best course of action you guys would recommend? And is this sort of injury permanent or what?

    Many Thanks.

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    The clunk seems to be in the centre of my chest. Hopefully I wont get injured