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Recurring Shoulder Problems after Pec Tear

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  • Recurring Shoulder Problems after Pec Tear

    Hoping someone might be able to help.
    Does anyone have any experience in repairing old pec ruptures??
    In 1998 I tore my right pec while warming up in the gym. At the time I was sent for an ultrasound which didnt show up much and was advised to rest and have physio. I have since been the proud (not really!) owner of a deep crease in my outer pec and have a definite weakness on my right side.
    At present I am nursing a right shoulder injury which originally seemed to present as simple shoulder impingement. I have had recurring problems with this shoulder since my pec tear and am now told it was misdiagnosed/treated and should have been surgically repaired at the time of injury. I've had this current injury for 10 months and have had physio, accupuncture, sports massage, and 2 x cortisone shots.
    After these efforts at treatment I was finally referred to an ortho surgeon who sent me for an mri which showed a small tear in the suprasprinatus along with signs of chronic impingement and wear to the a/c joint. The initial advice from the surgeon was 4-6 weeks of anti inflamatory tablets (voltaren) and rest. I have now finished this time frame and after ceasing the anti inflam tabs the constant ache along with sharp pain from movement has returned.
    My question is this. Has anyone got any experience or ideas on where I should look to get a solution. I have been advised to get a second opinion and am seeing another surgeon in Sydney as my original ortho didnt want to discuss why or why not the pec tear could or could not be related to my ongoing shoulder concerns.

    Would greatly appreciate any feedback

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    dln, have you tried physio? I think it many help. And by the way, have you been doing shoulder exercises recently?


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      Originally posted by Nicholas
      dln, I am thinking that you should see a physio about it. And by the way, have you been doing shoulder exercises recently?
      Thankyou for your quick reply.
      After treatment by my physio he was the person that first recommended I check out the pec tear/shoulder injury connection with ortho surgeon. The ortho surgeon told me to eliminate all shoulder stretches and exercises for the 6 week period I was on anti-inflam tabs. Previous to that I had been religiously carrying out stretches and rotator cuff strengthening/stabilising exercises given to me by physio. I had already eliminated any shoulder involvement exercises from my gym workouts as they were just to painful.


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        I am also wondering what your doctor said to do after those 6 weeks?


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          The doctor I had been to said after the 6 weeks he was to do an x-ray guided cortisone shot (my third but first under x-ray) and then if that also failed he would look at a mini open surgery on the shoulder as oposed to arthroscope. I took advice from others and have now gotten a second opinion with a Sydney Ortho and am much more confident with him. Booked in for arthroscope procedure in next few weeks.


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            If I was you I'd go and see a good sports physician. They can often come up with suggestions that your physio may not have thought of. John Best in Sydney is a good sports physician I believe. They can usually refer you to one of the best shoulder surgeons in your city. You're better to get a proper diagnosis from a sports physician rather than a physio.

            I'm in Melbourne and am seeing a good sports physician, physio and shoulder surgeon. In early October I'm due to have a shoulder stabilisation procedure with John Salmon. He's really down to earth and a great surgeon. Had the other one done about 3 years ago and have had no problems since. Makes a huge difference that they all talk to one another.

            Also started pilates to strengthen up my shoulder and that's helped heaps as well.

            Good luck !


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              Thankyou foryour advice. Have taken it onboard and will look at appt to see sports physician. Also appreciate tip about pilates