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Acromioplasty results & rehab

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  • Acromioplasty results & rehab

    Hi everyone,

    Hoping some of you folks may be able to give me some advice on recovery and rehab for Arthroscope Acromioplasty. Have just had (3 weeks ago) a nagging shoulder impingement and small suprasprinatus concern repaired by Dr Perko in Sydney. So far all going well, pain has been minimal (even straight after surgery) and good range with my Codman exercises and initial stretch exercise. Probably like all people these days I have been on the Net looking at different sites that gave differing views on rehab strategies. Wondering if anyone can give their experience or advice on the following:-
    *Different rehab exercises and when introduced after surgery.
    *Experience or advice with hot/cold therapies.
    *Timeframe for re-strenghtening eg return to swimming, gym etc.
    *Ongoing exercises to avoid after recovery to avoid similar injury.

    If anyone has any assistance/advice at all would be greatly appreciated.


    p.s. There always seems to be a constantly updated thread for recommended doctors. I am from Newcastle and heard good stories about Dr Mark Perko and can do nothing but highly recommend him for anyone looking for a good surgeon. Not only did he come highly recommended but he is also a good bloke.

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    Hope your progress has continued?
    I had same op 5 weeks ago and it is still painful and I am not as good as was pre op!
    Physio says I am doing better than average so there must be considerable variation
    I am desperate to get back to sport too and fed up of having to travle by bus


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      Looking Forward To Comments And Suggestions As I Have My Op In 2 Weeks.


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        acromioplasty recovery

        Hope you are getting better
        My op was 8 weeks ago and I am sure the goal posts are changing in terms of how long I have to wait to be BETTER
        Everyone says I am doing very well but not to play tennis for another 2 months
        Arm still hurts
        can do most things but not my bra!



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          I had the surgery about 7 weeks ago now. I have slogged away with my Rehab day in day out and felt that it was coming along very well. However burst my bubble today when i attempted to go for a swim. Shoulder was not painful but could feel a niggle with each and every stroke. Dont know if it is the bone or the muscle jamming up again. It is quite sore now. There seems to be a lack of or contradicting information about the expected recovery from these surgeries. My surgeon beleived there was only a 50% chance of success. Any thoughts anyone?


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            Hi Nickv,
            I'm not sure if you had the same op as me, did you have a subacromial decompression?
            I think acromioplasty is another name for it, but i could be wrong. Its nearly six weeks since i had mine done, and i can tell you that if you even considered swimming, then you are doing better than i am.
            I agree with you that there is a wide variety of time frames for recovery. i've scoured the net, mostly trying to see if i'm doing ok, AND find some recent posts. Before my op, the doctor said that i wouldn't see any improvement for 3months. At the moment i'm really on a downer about my progress. The first couple of weeks went fine, and i thought i would recover quite quickly, i could do all the raising of the arms stuff with the stick and all that. But the last couple of weeks, i feel like i've stopped improving and actually gone backwards. the arm raises, that had become quite comfortable seem to tweak something in the front of my shoulder everytime i do them, and i get constant twinges down the front and the back of my upper arm. I see the head physio for my last appointment on wednesday, and have i got a lot of questions for him!!! I'm in the UK, i don't know where you are, but i think the follow up treatment is very sparse here....
            I hope you post again, and that your arm has settled down after the swimming.
            Take care,


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              dln and others,
              I have just had sub acrom deco and other stuff( supra repair. rotator cuff repair etc) and can't believe that you would consider swimming so soon after the op.
              Do you have a good sports physio? If not you need one to lead you from the wilderness. After having my right shoulder op fail due to my exuberance after about 5 weeks I am not about to have the same thing happen to the left. Hence i am seeing a great physio and following her instructions diligently.

              Mine was very uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks post op and am only now starting to get some rom back. Haven't even dreamt of theraband or other exercise yet. I expect mine to take 6-8 months before I can do any weight bearing stuff.
              Take things slowly, and again see a sports physio as they are well versed in the recovery. More so than just your run of the mill physio. I made the mistake of seeing the "local" physio before finding out that specific sports physio's are SO much better.
              I know that you are in Newcastle, but call the Melbourne Olympic Park Sports Medicine Clinic and ask them for referral in your area. Sorry haven't got there number, just google them.

              Good luck


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                6 months on

                Alright so I posted some months ago.

                Firstly before deciding to go along with this type of surgery ensure that you have A. A surgeon that you are 100% comfortable with 2. A physio that fully understands the injury, the surgery, and post op physio and 3. Money in the bank.

                I had my surgery on the 5 may 2009, today it is the 18th of October and it was only a week ago that my shoulder began to feel like it was coming good. I stopped working as a barrister that whole time and have been taking prescription grade anti inflams since the op. I had 3 cortisone injections and a cortisone injection using an unltra sound. My surgeon said that I still have inflammation in the shoulder.

                My physio said that I could swim 3.5 months after the op. He was very wrong hahaha. It is only now that I would consider spinning the arms over. Very hard to deal with as I am or was (dont know if i ever will again) a state swimmer.

                I also have a 5mm tear in my left supraspinatus and have the same type 2 acromium issue in that one.

                I am still waiting to see the full outcome of the right shoulder before I begin even thinking about the left shoulder.

                is anyone else at this stage Post op?
                (BTW I live in Perth and went through Perth orthopedics)


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                  Hi Nick et al,

                  Fully agree and can relate with all the posts here. I'm now five months post op and experiencing the same levels of frustration. Shoulder was great for the first few weeks, since then has been getting progressively worse (despite the daily exercises and weekly physio). Have been on prescription anti-inflammatories the whole time and have just been put on slow release pain meds which is providing some relief from the pain. I think the hope is that if the pain is reduced, the range of movement may increase - however, this has yet to happen. Have just started hydrotherapy which was agony whilst doing it but far more painful the following day. Getting very fed up as nothing seems to be improving it, only exacerbating it. Further surgery and further cortisone shots were mentioned but I've rejected both of these suggestions as neither worked in the past.


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                    9 months on and I can see the light

                    Yo Jo

                    Some news to provide you with a bit of confidence in your recovery. So its now been 9 months since the surgery and I am back in the gym lifting weights and its feeling pretty good. However it has taken a very long to get here and I have had a number of setbakcs.

                    I'll give you a brief run down Jo

                    5 months after the surgery I got a second a opinion from a friends dad. He sent me of for another cortisone shot and said basicly to stop playing with it and just let the inflammation heal. I followed his instructions. his instructions worked but there were a few problems.

                    Firstly by not doing anything I experienced a large amount of muscle loss. This has caused huge problems for me. One day going for a run I had a straining sensation in my neck. This was extremely painfull and would not subside with rest. Visited a physio and he basicly said that I had lost heaps of muscle on my trapeziuse and that I had to build all this muscle back up.

                    I guess im trying to say that it is beneficial to rest the shoulder but make sure you still do some exercises whether it be dumbell shrugs or anything like that just to keep the muscles in teh back/shoulder firing.

                    Lasty and I'm sure you've heard this alot. ROTATOR CUFFS ROTATOR CUFFS ROTATOR CUFFS. I found that much of the pain I was experiencing towards the end of the 9 months begin to subside through these exercises. The lack of strength ment that my shoulder was not stabilized.

                    I am not considering doing my left shoulder but dont think I can go throught the whole 9 month ordeal again. (Although there are alot of things I would do differently this time around)

                    Hang in there mate, I had 2 fractures in my back when i 14 and it took 2 years to heal. Sometimes these things can take up to a year before they settle down and your shoulder actually begins feeling like your shoulder again.

                    If your in Perth or Melbourne I can recommend some really good physio's if needed

                    Good luck!


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                      Hi Nick,

                      Thanks for the info and advice. Unfortunately, I'm rapidly approaching the 9 month mark and still no improvement. I'm still only working part time (I'm in a similar line of work as you), my GP is telling me it's frozen and my ortho is continuing with conservative treatment - which I'm in agreeance with. Still doing the regular physio and on the painkillers. Just getting pretty fed up with the whole thing. Had a cortisone over 12 months ago (pre-op) which made things worse so I'm not in a huge hurry to have another one. Have tried giving physio a rest for a month but in the end, it got too painful and I had to return to it. I'm hoping that in time it will sort itself out - fingers crossed!!! Thanks again for your advice. I'm anxious to get back into the gym but can see it still being a fair way off. I'm not in Perth (or Melbourne), but if I ever need to brief anyone in Perth, I'll drop you a line.
                      Thanks again.


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                        Hi there.
                        I have following this physio called Brian Schiff in the US and he has published a book on rotator cuff injuries and frozen shoulders. It's a good simple read and may be of use. The stretches he recommends in his book are great as I've found them to really help open up my shoulders and most importantly release my very tight chest muscles. If you google Brian Schiff you can have a look at the stuff he has written. I was a bit weary of his work but I think that the way he presents the info is done so well, I'd recommend anyone who has shoulder issues to have a read. It really got me up to speed with the latest info and thinking on shoulders. Just remember you need to get your physio to say it's safe for you to do the exercises as everyone is different.

                        I'm sorry to hear that you are still in pain. I've had my injury for 5 years and I'm starting to see some improvements now. It can be a long and frustrating road but the biggest thing I have learnt is that you have to take things slowly and always listen to your body. Can I ask what sort of rehab exercises is your physio getting you to do?

                        Regarding treatment wise, you can also consider acupuncture. I have found this to be very useful and beneficial.


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                          This is my own personal experience. I was totally skeptical , but My shoulder pain of 15 years (old gymnastics injury) disappeared in about 20 minutes using this revolutionary device. After 3 months, that particular pain has never returned. I decided against surgery for many years and was about ready to give in but now I no longer need the surgery. This is gonna sound like a blatant commercial and it actually is in a way. I talk to so many people that have no better results after surgery than before that there needs to be some hope given that there is an alternative to cutting and hope that after the surgery there is something that will help. Just like a referral to a good doctor or pt this is a referral to where you can get your own self care device. I paid $325 for the one i have. It has helped with every other type of pain I have as well. Am I excited, yes. You can decide for yourself, look at the scientific testing, read other testimonials, get one, try it and hopefully it will work for you like it did for me. I found mine online at living pain free . net.


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                            Very informative... I enjoyed and learned.


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                              Arthroscopic Acromioplasty

                              Hi Nick,

                              Your story sounds all too familiar we seem to share the same shoulder problems, For the last 3 years ive been bounced around Perth seeing all the top specialist with little to no improvement.

                              Finally had the surgery, Sounds like you've had a win, can you recommend Physios, Chiros or Witchdoctors basically anyone that can help with the Rehab?

                              Your input would be greatly appreciated.