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  • 4 Dislocations

    Hi im needing some adivce on what i should do to stop my current shoulder dislocations. I am a goalkeeper and diving around means using my shoulders in the process so dislocations are of no use . i have had an Mri of my shoulder and they say that some of the labrum has come off and that the ligaments are lose and that they want to to do open shoulder surgery not key hole. I am 18 and really want to know is this surgeon talking rubbish about not being able to do key hole because it wouldnt be as effective. I would rather key hole and want to get a second opinion but could anyone here give me any advice on the matter about whether keyhole is effective and what are the advantages. cheers.

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    I think that you should get a shoulder reconstuction because then it (The shoulder) is very likely to stop dislocating.


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      So is that replacing the whole shoulder to metal joints. I dont want that . All im wandering is whats better to repair my torn labrum and loose joints Keyhole or Open.


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        I'm not talking about a shoulder replacement!!!


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          You need an open shoulder reconstruction. Here's why

          Check out the clinic list for good surgeons and see if your surgeon is on it.

          How good is injuryupdate all the info is literally right here at our fingertips.
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            Hi IBO,

            I can understand your frustration and concerns.

            Like you I have suffered from shoulder instability. I had the left shoulder operated on in 2003 and haven't had any problems since. Before undergoing surgery I tried conservative treatment for about 18 months. Unfortunately I didn't respond to the conservative treatment so my only opinion was to have a shoulder stabilisation procedure. Open stabilisation surgery has a better success rate than arthroscopic stabilisation.

            I am likely to have to undergo surgery on my right shoulder as it is quite unstable and have lost count of how many times it has popped out. Unfortunately I have multi-directional instability which can be very difficult to treat.

            If I was you I'd go and see a sports physician to see whether you could rehabilitate your shoulder conservatively. Orthopaedic surgeons are very good at doing surgery, but often don't consider what other treatments may be available or suitable.

            Not sure where you are based. In Melbourne John Salmon and Greg Hoy are two very good surgeons that specialise in shoulders. I also have 2 great sports physicians, Andrew Jowett and Chris Bradshaw who I see at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre. My physio, Ian Macindoe is also based at Olympic Park and is a legend with shoulders. Andrew Jowett is one of the medicos for Collingwood Football Club, Chris is the head medico at Geelong Football Club and Ian is one of the physios at Richmond Football Club. If you aren't in Melbourne I'd suggest finding a sports physician that is involved with an elite sporting team. They often have good relationships with top orthopaedic surgeons and physios.

            Both Andrew and Chris aren't keen about me having the surgery, but it's come to a point where it's affecting my everyday activities. Just trying to weigh it all up at the moment as I've just started a new job.

            Good luck with it and let us know how you go !


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              This is a real great facility and thanks for your posts guys. Unfortunatley i am not from AU but from Scotland. Ive been looking all over forums and found many and i got a big response from here so cheers. I am still going to think about whether open is best for me or keyhole. ill show you this link and i have been through all the posts and people seemed to have alot more problems with open than keyhole.
              Also heres another link which says keyhole is also successfull.
              I also found out last week that Scotland had its own Worldwide specalist on the shoulder and he had done many lectures on the shoulder throughout the world due to his vast experiance. He had done many operations and nearly all where successfull. The bas news is he died 1 year ago .


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                Hi Ibo

                I know how it feels! I was playing competition hockey when I had my right shoudler reconstructed and was out for over a year.

                I have had both open and arthroscopic procedures. I had the open on my right shoulder 4 years ago and the arthroscopic procedure on my left shoulder 8 weeks ago. If you want to be back on the field quickly, then arthroscopic is for you. The wound is small and takes about 2 weeks to heal. The downside is that the surgeon does not have as easy access to the inside of your shoulder and will have to 'dig' around more which will cause more swelling.

                Out of my two surgeries, I preferred the open procedure. Yes, it was more invasive but it was far more comfortable and tolerable.

                I guess it depends how fast you want to be playing.

                As for the success rate with both procedures - I believe it is entirely dependant on the patient and the damage to the joint.

                All the best with your shoulder.


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                  Hi man thanks for the reply. I am actually 3 days into my open shoulder reconstruction to my right shoulder.My surgeon said he tightened the front of my shoulder from where it was dislocating and also the back because it was tightened from the front which could also make it dislocate through the back. He also repaired the labrum. First night in Hospital was rough, it was to warm and uncomfortable.When i got back home on my second day i felt much better. Now im just on the road to recovery. Regarding my left shoulder my surgeon said because i have never fully dislocated that shoulder and that it has only been a sublaxtion with basic exercises and rest from sport 90% of patients dnt need surgery so i am happy with that. He said that i should not return to contact sport in 9months. A Long time but due to my trust in my doc i will do it along with all the exercises. I dont look at my recovery road as bad but exciting because i will experiance a shoulder which seems to be back to normal again. Hopefully anyway. I will post again to let u know how i get on.
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                    Hi again. I now have a much stronger right shoulder after my open surgery and things where going well until now. I had mentioned i had a series of problems with my left shoulder and my surgeon said by excercising the right muscles i could restore stability. Yesterday i made the simplist of overhead movement with my arm and my shoulder popped out of joint and this time stayed there. It usually goes back immedietly but this time it stayed there. So in the middle of town i sat on a seat and used my other arm the one thats in the sling to pop it back in with my thumb. It was really painful but eventually went back in. I have now had about 6 sublaxtions and 1 dislocation which lasted for about 3mins on my left shoulder. Can anyone recommend what i say to my surgeon next time i see him because i feel a few pt exercises arnet going to do and that ill need some sort of surgery. My gp thinks its a labrum issue. I think if i do get surgery im going to push for keyhole because i cant go through with open again it just too much.