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Complete supraspinatus tear, 9 weeks after surgery.

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  • Complete supraspinatus tear, 9 weeks after surgery.


    My tear occured in April of this year after a fall. It took 3 months to diagnose and the operation took place on the 18th of August.

    The operation was by way of open surgery and went well. I was administered a nerve block during the operation and this kept me pain free for around 8 hours. However, I wasn't warned that the nerve block also partially paralyzes the diaphragm and could only take short breaths until the block wore off.

    At around 10 hours after the operation I was in pain worse than anything I had ever experienced as a muscle had gone in to spasm. Eventually morphine was administered.

    The following morning I was instructed to start physio and given exercises to do every day. 4 days later I was pain free during the day and only took pain relief during the night.

    At 4 weeks the sling came off. At 5 weeks I was driving and at 6 weeks running up to 3 miles at a time.

    Now at 9 weeks I have around 95 % pain free movement.

    I have faithfully attended physio 4 times a week and have exercised at home. However, I have not started any weight training at all and have lost a lot of strength although I have no doubt it will return.

    Any questions, just ask


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    Update, 9 months later.

    The shoulder is perfect, full movement and I have regained full strength too.

    Reading comments from this forum I gather that some operations haven't been a complete success and I gather that I must have been lucky or the Surgeon was a magician.

    However, I did attend and complete every PT session and every exercise that I was instructed to do.

    Regards to all



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      Hi, excellent news on your shoulder. I've decided those who are successful don't tend to need to use this site. I've just recently seen an ortho and will be making a decision within the next 3 weeks. I've sent you a private message re: your ortho if in Oz.


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        My shoulder injury occured back in September 08 and was recently diagnosed as a complete tear of the supraspinatus tendon. Since then I have been searching for info and I ran across this forum and your post. I must say your recovery is very encouaging. I was hoping you would answer a few questions.

        My orthopedic surgeon explained to me that the tendon is completely detatched from the humerus bone. He said he would insert three screws with eyelets into the bone and suture the tendon to the screws and the tendon will eventuall reattach to the bone. I wondered if you had the same type surgery?

        Also, may I ask how old you were when you had the surgery? I will be 43 next month.

        I am scheduled to have surgury on 8 December and I am very anxious to get it over with and get on with the recovery and hope to have good luck as you did.

        Thanks, Steven
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