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Help - should I go see a doctor?

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  • Help - should I go see a doctor?

    I googled torn pec tears and came on this site, I need some advice so I thought I'd register and see what happens.

    I have starting going to the gym (4 months) and these are the only exercises I have been doing for upper body (I have been going heavy):

    Bench Press
    Barbell Row
    Military Press

    Anyway I have developed a pain in the inner left pec. I have no problem doing bench press however, I just did it this Monday, but I still feel a pain there whenever I tighten my chest or if I turn my head to look behind my left shoulder. I don't know whats wrong, but there obviously is something wrong if my other pec is fine. I also get a pain there when I push inside with my left arm (albiet I have to push quite hard to feel it), I've attached an image so you can understand better. Click

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    Hey there,

    I am no medico but it sounds like that the reason why you have develped a pain in the inner left pec could be due to a muscle strain.

    From my experience in weight training and from having two shoulder injuries, I think that you should rest your muslces (just the pec ones if they hurt) and see how they recover. Most muscle injuries repair with rest. Taking magnesium is always beneficial after a work out especially if you work out quite a bit. Magnesium relaxes the muscles after you have worked out, helps your body recover much faster and prevents cramping. Magnesium really is like food for the muscles.

    Take it easy and if the pain doesn't go away, I suggest that you go and see your GP to get some an Xray done (sooner rather than later if the pain persists). I have done two shoulder injuries from dance and thought that I could just rest it, but have done a little more damage than I though.