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Progression with an A/C injury

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  • Progression with an A/C injury

    Hey everyone I figured I would put up my progress since my injury, just to maybe help anyone who gets injured in the future or is just intrested.

    It is now just over a month with my injury, and I am doing pretty good actually. My Range of motion is back to a pretty good 100% now. And for normal day to day activitys my shoulder feels normal.

    I am also now back to lifting 6 days a week. I can perform just about every exorcise accept my Chest and shoulder exorcies are very limited. I forced myself to start doing Chest cable fly's at about the third week, and it hurt a bit while doing them but the next day each time it made my shoulder feel beter. Ironicly I can do Squats and back exorcises just fine.

    During my workouts I always make time to STRETCH my shoulder, very important. And do shoulder rehab exorcies with wieghts. The most notable exorcises that helped were.

    Latteral and front shoulder raises ( with 5lb wieghts )
    Latteral raise Nautalis machine ( light wieght, enough for your shoulder to feel it. Goal is range of motiuon tho)
    Incline pushups
    bench press nautalis machine ( light wieght )
    Bench press, barbell ( I would grip the bar and just lower down slowy and sit it on my chest stretching my shoulder)

    I honestly owe alot of my progress to the rehab with wieghts, but its hard because you sometimes want to push yourself to hard. Its important to know your limits and work from there. I will try to update around 1 and 1/2 months and my 2 month marks for now.

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    Good Work

    Hi Nm0ney34,

    Good to hear that you are back in the swing of things. One bit of advice from me who has been through this before, dont force the weights to hard for the chest and shoulders, just let it come gradual. You will find even after a year has past that you will still have a bit of pain when doing bench or shoulders, so just be patient in regards to getting your full strength back as it does take a long time.

    By the sounds of things you know what you are doing and you seem to be very good with your rehab.

    Good luck with everything.


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      you really should be taking it easy with the weights in fact, i was told the opposite, as it takes 4 months for scar tissue to form. the more weights you do, the more possible damage you could be doing in the long run with your shoulder.


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        I understand the concern, I was worried too at first. However, doing the wieghts has helped me out alot. I am no doctor, but I am also no dummy when it comes to muscles and the body.

        I dont do any shoulder exorcise at full wieght, infact the only chest exorcise I can perform at normal intensity is the cable flys.

        I use alot of the nautilus machines for my rehab using low wieght like 20/30 pounds. doing lots of reps, and it has done wonders. I will never push myself more than what I can do, but I feel it is important to see what I can handle and rehab according to that.

        for example, a few weeks ago I tried to do the incline press nautalis machine with 50 pounds. It didnt feel good at all so I lowered it to 30, and was able to just do my right shoulder and isolate it, and it felt good doing it.

        I really appreciate the concern =), but as for now I really feel like this is working great for me, im just posting my progress in hopes it may help future people who tear their A/C joints.


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          Don't do heavy overhead lifting, i.e. snatch and cleans, push presses. I believe these exercises are extremely damaging if you have an AC joint dislocation./


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            yes, what they can do is further damage the AC joint by stretching it. it turns a grade 2 into a grade 3 and if you have a grade 3 already, it can change it to a grade 5. the risk is not worth it. otherwise, its great that you have recovered from your injury. best of luck to you nmoney.


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              I have by no means recovered. I am still rehabing, and I am sure I will be for a long time. The whole point of this was to inform everyone of my progress so far as to help people in the furture understand what it may be like dealing with a ac seperation.

              I think you may be thinking im lifting more than what I really am. with the exception of 1 chest exorcise, I am doing extremly light wieght on any chest/shoulder exorcise. 20-30 pounds on most. My goal is to let my AC joint heal, while in the process strengthen the muscles around it and keep them growing. If something begins to hurt I stop, lower the wieght or find a new exorcise to hit to rehab on.

              I am in no way recovered, nor am I lifting heavy wieghts. Trust me when I started lateral raises with dumbells I started with 5 pounds, now I can do 10 pounds pretty easy. I am gradually gaining my strength back. Im not trying to make it out as some speed thing, but I am trying to show how lifting wieghts can be benificial...and hopefully some months down the road I will have confirmed this 100%

              I know that I can really hurt myself having seperated my shoulder, but my knowledge of fitness/muscles and exorcies has helped me out here.

              Ill post an update probably by the end of december to talk about my strength gains and my limitations thus far. Like I said I pretty much have full ROM, now im just working on gradually gaining strength back.

              heres a quick update, I can now shoot a basketball like I used to before the injury. about 3 weeks after it happened I tried to shoot the ball...and lets just say I couldnt do much but a layup.


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                how would you describe the feeling in your shoulder at the moment?

                i can do alot of things now that i could do before. however i still have a flat trap, and i have that uncomfortable feeling in the shoulder which is now actually 50% on and 50% off. My shoulder feels best in the morning.


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                  im interested to know in your progress too. im in the same position as you hopeful.