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MRI Results & procedure name??

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  • MRI Results & procedure name??

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry, another long one!
    Thanks for everyones help. For those of you who are not aware i've had 2 shoulder recons this year (1 left & 1 right) I've really only been having probs with my left (had done first in Feb 2006). It aches & I have pain moving it up, out to side & behind my back. I use to run half marathons & the pain when I run is like a knife going into the top of the shoulder & being twisted. The most I can run for these days is about 5-7km - BIG difference in what I use to do up until Feb this year!

    I've now basically stopped using this arm for most things - driving & everyday things - use my right arm only! Rehab on the left is interesting - can't use weights, just able to go through the motions.

    Both shoulder still sublux posteriorly. OS wasn't going to do anything apart from ordering the cortisone injections (after my physio nagged & nagged) - he wanted to see how I'll go until Feb 2007. Can't survive that long in this much pain. So I saw a Sports Physician that ordered an MRI.

    I had the cortisone injections back in November & it lasted approx 10 days! So back to square 1 - back on all my painkillers & anti-inflams etc. My sports Physician sent me for an MRI in Dec - this is what has been reported:

    The areas of low signal shows within the glenoid & breaching the glenoid cortex are areas of presumed previous drilling for labral/capsular repair. There is minor cartilage fraying & irregularity at the lower aspects of the glenoid.

    The anterior labrum is thickened & irregular but there is no definate tear.

    The rotator cuff tendons are intact. There is minimal tendinosis within the supra & intraspinatus tendons. No significant bursitis. The long head of bicepts is intact as is the biceps labral anchor.

    The mild patchy marrow oedema at the ledge of the greater tubersoty is of doubtful significance. The glenohumeral joint appears to have a normal volume & there are no specific signs of capsulitis.

    There are a few small loose bodies in the superior & antero-superior aspects of the shoulder joint.

    The sports physician belives that the tendon is rubbing underneath the bone & thinks that I would benefit from having part of the bone shaved away so the tendon can move feely underneath & stop all the pinching & pain. I forget the name of the procedure.
    He is going to ring my OS tomorrow & talk to him about it. He didn't mention much about the MRI. Is there anything you would find concerning or a point to be raised??

    Also does anyone know the name of the procedure that the Sports Physician is recommending???

    Look forward to any advice.

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    Hi there Mary,

    I hope you're able to get some answers about your shoulder. Maybe you should seriously look at getting a second opinion from another shoulder surgeon.

    Today I had a shoulder hydrodilitation injection. They basically inject dye, local anaesthetic, cortisone and saline into the joint. My shoulder is already feeling so much better. I've been in a lot of pain with my shoulder. Maybe you could ask your sports physician about it.

    Let us know how you go.


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      Hi Mary,

      'Sorry to hear you're still having problems.

      Re the name of the procedure - was it a "subacromial decompression" (also called acromioplasty?). I'm not a medico but I had that threatened at one point, sounds like your description.

      'Hope you're able to get a solution and everything works out well.