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Orthopedic Surgeon in Sydney & Melbourne

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  • Orthopedic Surgeon in Sydney & Melbourne

    Hi just after an opinion on an orthopedic surgeon in Sydney & Melbourne - has anybody delt with or got any news on :
    * Dr Greg Burrows in Sydney
    * Dr John Salmon (melbourne)

    i live in Brisbane & have had 2 shoulder recons - 1 on each side that were not successful. I am after a second opinion & have heard that no OS in QLD will touch me due to the clickiness of surgeons here. That's why I have decided to go interstate.

    I know a few people on this site recommend john salmon, but any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

    Look forward to any advice.
    Hope you all had a great Xmas!

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    In Melbourne, there is another surgeon named Greg Hoy but the problem with him is that because he is a great surgeon, he can be very hard to get into.
    In Sydney, there are a few more. Some are: David Sunnabend, Des Bokor or Jerome Goldberg. Let me know if you want their contact details.



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