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  • post-op creaking

    A month ago, I underwent the bankart procedure to repair a slap lesion. I just got out of the sling and started rehab. Stange thing though: My shoulder makes a creaking sound now. Has anyone else experienced this? Is something wrong?

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    My shoulder actually makes a clunking (like when you crack your knuckles) noise like it is grinding against something when I bring my arms up in front of me and also to the side of me. They initially thought that I had a SLAP lesion because the pain was coming from the labrum in my shoulder but that was inconclusive in the MRI scan.

    I would be careful if your should is making creaking sounds and I think that you should get your physio to have a look at it first and ask what he/she thinks. The clunk in my shoulder according to my physio should start to go but I've had the injury for awhile so I'm used to it.

    Best of luck


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      i posteed something similar to this in another thread which no one replied to. basically, all joints click, grind crunch or whatever noise u wanna call it is normal for any joints, including young elite athletes. but some joints click more than others due to make up of tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones.

      i recently tore my ac joint and now, with certain movements in makes a clicking noise, which sometimes bothers me cos it feels like a sudden shock to the body. Angie, do you get that feeling?

      anywya, i know someone who had a weaver dunn procedure and now when he raises his arms theres a loud crackling noise. quite scare to hear, but he uses it as a party trick. so i would say its normal in your case punchy. i find that doctors, physios, etc dont really care about it too much...


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        Actually I know that certain movements will make my shoulder crunch like lifting my arms up in front and to the side. My physio tried to sort it out by trying to release the muscles and basically said that I shouldn't worry too much about it. Sometimes it does make a loud crack and it does that when my bicep is flexed and then I accidently rotate my shoulder inwards. My physio says that it probably won't go away entirely but thinks that when the muscles get stronger I shouldn't hear it as much. I guess I have learnt over time to just not do certain movements to make it crunch.

        It doesn't necessarily feel like there is a sudden shock to the body but I know that it isn't healthy.

        As for doctors, not really caring well all I can say is that I have come across some who have passed of my shoulder injury as bursitis which is totally stupid and some physios who do not know what they are going. I guess it's crucial to find a good physio who specialises in shoulder rehabilitation. I go to a physio who works at the AIS.. I'm sure if you are looking for a good one outside Canberra, KJ or JB can give you a supply of good physios.


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          My knees, especially my right also makes a loud crack when i change directions walking but it doesnt bother me at all tho. I hear it the most when im walking out of the shower and into my bedroom. its like a daily ritual :-)

          OK, KJ or JB, could you recommend me a good shoulder physio, that specialises in a AC joints please. Sydney Metro area.