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Shoulder pain during bench not military

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  • Shoulder pain during bench not military

    I have had a shoulder injury of some sort for 4 months now. I hurt it lifting too heavy on flat bench dumbell press. Now, even if I lift with very little weight it hurts where my pec minor and deltoid meet. It is a very deep pain and I can feel a weird sensation under my clavicle as well. I have a little pain while doing incline dumbells or barbell. The tricky part is that I have absolutely no pain while doing military press. I have iced and taken anti-inflamatories and to no avail. I have taken time off and it was as if I had not taken any time off at all. I do not have a reliable doctor nor the money to get an MRI, but would love some advice even if it is to get an MRI. If I understood what was injured maybe I could work around it a bit.

    Desperate and getting smaller

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    I think the first thing you need to do is to go and see a sports doctor to get it properly diagnosed. If it has been four months and you are not feeling better it means that something is not healing properly. Or consider seeing a physio who can try to look at why certain movements are hurting you.


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      Hi there,

      I also think you should go and see a good sports physician for an accurate diagnosis. They can then refer you as necessary. Check out for a sports physician in Australia or New Zealand.

      Let us know how you go.


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        yes agreed. i was getting similar sensations(not as bad as yours but still there) which I ignored for a few months. I think this is in part responsible for tearing my left pec major. do NOT ignore this or train through it.

        again it was barely there on inclines and not present on any shoulder presising.

        lol sorry but laughing at the getting smaller comment. this is always how I felt but believe me now I struggle to bench press 100kg(I tore it doing 180kg) and carry much less muscle on chest and triceps and my left pec is deformed(that was the end of my competitive bodybuilding/powerlifting career). if you end up with serious injury you will be samller and deformed, cant repeat this enough.
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