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pain in biceps tendon

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  • pain in biceps tendon

    Hi everyone

    I just wondered if anyone experiences the same thing. I hurt my shoulder back in May last year whilst dancing and sustained trauma to the labrum which has resulted in intability in the shoulder capsule. Since then, it seems that whent I over do things, like too many weights or dance to much, my bicep tendon seems to flair up which makes a lot of movements with my shoulder a lot weaker. It gets particularly aggrevated with any movements where my arm goes up above the shoulder.

    Then of course last night I was out dancing because I had to perform and I was dancing and I heard this clunk, and I knew my shoulder had just had it. So I went home to ice it straight away. The shoulder itself seems fine, a little weaker than normal but my bicep tendon the long head where it inserts into the capsule, it's like it's on fire or something and hurts lots.

    I wanted to know if anyone has experienced with their shoulder injuries with the bicep tendon which gets easily aggrevated? and what do you do to treat the inflammation? I've been icing it so far and that is ok and Voltarin gives me a bit of temporary relief but I'm a bit miffed as to why it gets so easily aggrevated. Is it possible after sustaining a shoulder injury to also have a biceps tendon injury or tendinopathy?

    My physio has continously dropped the hints of getting a cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation but I keep on brushing it off because I know that it's not going to fix the entire situation. I don't believe that it's good for you to inject large doese of cortisone directly into the muscle to be very good for you either.

    I'd be keen to get your opinion.

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    i don't know to much about to much biceps tendon
    but i would not have cortisone injections
    there are usually very painful and they are on a part time fix
    good luck


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      Thanks. i don't agree with the concept of high doses of cortisone being directly injected into the muscle. It can't be good for you and plus it is only temporary relief. I'll just put up with it I think.


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        Hey angieliu,

        Avoid the cortisone if you can! I've added some comments to my thread on my tendon/bicep/shoulder injury if you'd like to share anything?