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    Hi all

    I am new to the site and have been visiting since I entered an AFL Dreamteam. I use it to keep track of injuries to my players and have found the site very useful.

    One of the players I chose was Michael Wilson of Port Power who was injured on Fri night. This site shows his injury as a Pectoral Tendon tear. When I follow the link to the photo attached it shows a photo of what the injury looks like.

    This is of interest to me as I did this myself about 15 years ago playing AFL and never had surgery. I have always regretted this as it makes lifting heavy objects or things a certain way quite difficult. I also effectively retired from footy because of this. Hopefully somebody can help me with my questions below.

    - Is it too late for me to have surgery after 15 years?
    - How long does recovery take after surgery before full use is regained?
    - Is the arm in a sling/unuseable for a certain period after surgery?
    - Is the success rate from this sort of surgery generally high?

    Hopefully somebody can help me with my questions.

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    Sounds bad had a minor strain and looked around for info I think it reattaches itself but will never be as strong you should go see a surgeon who specializes and ask them they might be able too I found a guy asking the same question who wanted it done after 2 years. Doctors might not touch it as it would propably need to be cut and stretched. Good luck you never know


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      Pec Tear

      1 week ago I completely ruptured the tendon in my pec. The first Dr. I went to said that I could let it heal on its own with out surgery and it should be fine. The 2nd Dr. said if I want to be able to have normal function I should have the surgery to re-attach the tendon. Most of the research that I've done said that surgery is the best option. I would like to hear from people on both sides to decide if I should have the surgery or not. Thanks for your time!