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unstable shoulders

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  • unstable shoulders

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone experiences the same thing as me. With certain movements I can feel my shoulder pop out and then pop back in (subluxing?) and things normally happens when my palm is facing up (supination), sometimes it also just pops i and out when I am walking.

    Does anyone know if exercise rehab can help prevent this from happening? IT's actually painful when it decides to click all day long. And has anyone experienced the same thing?

    As for my bicep getting inflammed. My current theory is that because it hurts the most at the top of where the bicep inserts that it is actually the shoulder popping in and out and the biceps tendon is getting aggrevated. So I think the solution to that is to strengthen the shoulder to stop it from popping.

    Would be grateful if anyone can shed any insight.

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    hey angie
    i have been going through the same thing!
    i went to a sports spe******t and i torn the labrum in my shoulder, i separated labrum from the bone and that separated part is what is making my shoulder pop in and out and crack
    my doctor told me that the only way to fix this is to have surgery so i am having surgery
    next Thursday Hope this helps!


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      I was told that if the pop and crack hurt then that would be an issue. It does hurt but not a great deal so I guess that advice depends really on what your pain threshold is.

      Goodluck with surgery.


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        why when most of the time when my shoulder cracks
        i get a massive shooting pain down my arm
        and thanks for the support
        good luck in what u decide


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          ouch. The shooting pain sounds horrible. I just get really sore at the top of the shoulder when my shoulder has been clunking too much.


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            thats is all that mine used to be
            hopefully yours wont turn into how bad mine is lol
            if you are already taking care of it you shouldn't get as bad
            as my shoulder is