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  • Help with MRI results

    Hi was just wondering if anyone can give me any insight into these results, I am still waiting for my Dr Mark Perko to contact me back, a very hard guy to get.

    Ther is a small amount of joint fluid demonstrated.
    There is mild tendinosis of the lateral aspect of the supraspinatus tendon but no evidence of a focal tear, either full or partial thickness. The other rotator cuff tendons have a normal appearence.

    There are degenerative changes shown affecting the AC joint with associated bone oedema but no significant bony spurring or synovial hypertrophy is identified.

    There is mild irregularity and slight increase in signal intensity of the anterior superior labrum consistant with some degeneration but no definite labral tear is identified. There is also some mild increased signal at the origin of the middle glenohumeral ligament but it remains intact. N o evidence of capusal disruption is identified.

    If anyone could give me some help I would appreciate it.

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    This website has info on what tendinosis is.

    Sorry I can't help much further.